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E-Mai sent from a classmate to the entire class -- Without Admin approval

Forums: Class Connection Bugs
Created on: 11/04/16 06:53 PM Views: 940 Replies: 4
Friday, November 4, 2016 at 6:53 PM

Hello --
It seems that this is a bug. Perhaps you can help me out here.

On Saturday, October 9, a message that one classmate was leaving for one other classmate got posted to the entire class. I can send the e-mail to you if there's something in it that would help you.

I wrote the the classmate to find out what screen he was on, etc. and have so far gotten no reply from him.

This brings up multiple questions.
1) How can a message sent from one classmate to another go out to the entire class ?
2) How can a message be sent to the entire class without Admin approval ?
3) Could this possibly happen again ? How can it be prevented ?

The unfortunate result of this kind of thing is that I'm afraid more classmates will turn off their Notification settings, so that they don't get messages that *I* (the Admin) send.

Any clues ? Or am I missing something here.
Thanks for your help -- We appreciate Class Creator.

-- Fred

Edited 11/04/16 9:35 PM
Friday, November 4, 2016 at 10:33 PM - Response #1

If he really did send a "Private Message", and everyone somehow saw it, that's a major bug.
But the first thought that crossed my mind is the fact that when someone posts a message/comment in their own profile, the Notify that goes out claims it's a "New message posted to the class" in the subject line, and also says that in the email itself - along with at least part of the posted message.

I've attached an example of the notify email received from a message/comment I posted in my own profile thanking people for all the happy birthday comments.

Edited 11/04/16 10:42 PM
Friday, November 4, 2016 at 10:49 PM - Response #2

Hi, John, good to hear from you. I don't participate much on the Forums... until a reunion is imminent and I'm doing website updates more often.

It truly looks to me that the classmate posted a message on his own profile, and somehow it was sent out as a message to the class. After I received it, I asked two other classmates, and they had received it. I'm assuming that all of us received it.

On the classmate's Profile page, the message shows as:
John Doe posted a message

On the e-mail that I and others received, the message shows as:
New message posted to the class

You wrote:


But the first thought that crossed my mind is the fact that when someone posts a message/comment in their own profile, the Notify that goes out claims it's a "New message posted to the class" and shows at least part of the posted message.

That is what seems to have had happened. But why ?
It is not a "new message to the class" -- and why should everyone receive a message that is only on that person's profile ?

I am the only Admin. On the "Announcements" page, this checkbox is definitely not on:
[__] Allow Classmates to submit Announcements
(all Classmate-submitted Announcements are added in an inactive state and must be activated by an Administrator)

I'm sure it will be figured out.
Thanks !

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 12:33 AM - Response #3

As it's designed (and as the wording confirms in the box you post a message in), a message posted in a profile can be read by any logged in classmate or guest. And since many classmates and guests subscribe to everyone, a message posted there in your own profile is (kinda) a "new message to the class" since everyone can see it - and everyone subscribed to that profile will get a notify. In fact, under those circumstances where the intent is to post a message that everyone can see, I wouldn't bet either way whether everyone (not just those subscribed) gets a notify.

I could argue that the notify email subject and sub-title should just say that "John Doe posted a message in his profile", or even "A message was posted in John Doe's profile", but... it is what it is.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 2:49 PM - Response #4

I agree with John's assessment that the message was posted to the profile and not to the actual link that states Send a Private Message. Sorry for any confusion.

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