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What's New can be restricted on CC but not on FBCC

Forums: Class Connection Bugs
Created on: 04/04/14 11:19 PM Views: 1386 Replies: 10
Friday, April 4, 2014 at 11:19 PM

You can restrict the What's New on CC to classmates but on FBCC it's open to anyone.

Using Anadarko as an example, the CC What's New page is restricted yet on FBCC anyone can see What's New. I imagine this will be a common choice and admins will be surprised to see that on FBCC it's not restricted.

Another example of having two separate rules for FBCC makes for inconsistent behavior. Idea

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 3:13 PM - Response #1

In this case What's New is a default feature on the app. The app already includes things pertaining to this that the sites cannot do at all. For instance, one can visit another class, and follow those classmates. No such equivalent feature exists on Class Creator. i.e. somebody from the public cannot follow classmates on Class Creator sites, but on the app people from other classes can in fact follow members from the class being visited.

Bear in mind What's New (on both sites and app for that matter) is already showing the public in the case of the sites/visitors in the case of the app content coming from non restricted profiles in the first place. i.e. if we allowed the app What's New page to be restricted, we'd just be restricting content that's already not restricted if you just visit the same unrestricted profiles. What's New only shows restricted content if you have appropriate permissions to view the content.

True, you could make the same argument for the What's New on the sites. i.e. why allow an admin to restrict content that's already accessible and NOT restricted on the profiles? It really doesn't make much sense to allow the restricting of content that's not restricted in the first place.

So what's your opinion Jack? With that being said, shouldn't we simply make it impossible to restrict What's New on the sites? Bear in mind there's nothing that says anyone has to use it in the first place on the sites. But for those who do, why allow the restricting of content anyone can already see on the site itself outside of the What's New page. It really makes little sense to allow that. What's your opinion? There is one other option... the only other option would be to restrict the Classmate Profile page. Doing so would also restrict the What's New to those who are logged in as classmates.

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 4:57 PM - Response #2

I think you missed the issue here Scott. Of course it's a 'default feature' and it doesn't work the same as on CC. That is the point here. You can't even see that page on CC if an admin decided to either not show or restrict, which some already do. So the rest of your argument is moot. One CAN see that page on FBCC even if not optioned or restricted on CC. -What- it contains is missing the issue. (btw same issue for the other top links).

You CAN visit another class on CC. Even easier/faster and more reliable than on FBCC. I have given that link several times.

Here's the LINK again. Way easier than FBCC and way more informative.

I saw the 'Notify Me' following thing, but it's weird. What is the point of 'following' classmates on other sites when you can't actually see anything unless you belong to the class? (unlocked profiles excepted). Why not 'follow' on CC too? (Lot's of contradictions besides that.)

Ah, but you CAN see restricted profile posts in "What's New" and Photos. Brad ignored that when I pointed that out. To me, it's a clear case of unwanted lack of control that is being ignored. One has to be not part of the class to see these things, thus a regular admin does not realize these differences. Nor does CC. Am I the only one testing as a 'visitor'? The thing I worry about is bugs and such since clearly the code on FBCC is NOT the same as the code on CC!

You say "there's nothing that says anyone has to use it" and that's the point. CC hardcoded the top! So implicitly that's actually saying one 'has to use it'.

Please explain why would I want those top items outside of my control? Why would I have those links replace my top links?

There are LOTS of other ways to design the FBCC page - not just the way it's done for "art's" sake. You've locked the top into a graphic and to me that is a serious flaw to allow real customization.

IOW, if CC's link order/options made sense in CC what makes it invalid for FBCC? (Rephrased as: I know why CC wants that top there, but what makes CC think everyone wants that top there?)

I conclude the opposite as to "what makes sense". The various differences make no sense to me. As I've stated every single time, all I'm looking for is consistency and insurance that what works a certain way on CC works the same way on FBCC. And that's NOT true right now.

What a visitor sees on CC can be very different from what can be seen on FBCC. What an admin can control on CC is different from what they can control on FBCC.

Edited 04/07/14 4:58 PM
Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:32 PM - Response #3

Thanks for your thoughts Jack.

As the app is more robust than a single class site there's common interface items that shouldn't move around. Such as the Classmates tab. It would be disconcerting if every time you visited another class you had to figure out where the classmates link went (that's the most likely link visitors will be looking for). For the sake of usability central functions deserve a common interface location (again Visit Another Class feature changes the dynamics of this new world in ways that wouldn't be relevant to a stand-alone class site). Conversely, custom content links down the left couldn't come with any pre-conceived expectation of location.

By the way there's a new option in the app to allow all visitors from your high school to view your Profile (no longer limited to only allowing your own class year). In this way more can participate. This may have limited value for some, but for others, like in the case of smaller schools that throw all school reunions for example (and classmates across many years know each other very well), this will be an essential option allowing multiple classes from the same school to participate as a collective.

Thanks for all of your comment here as always.

Edited 04/07/14 5:34 PM
Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:40 PM - Response #4

Oh one more thing I think is prudent. The app has an adminless option. This feature is going to get very little discussion here for obvious reasons (you all are admins of course). But when you visit another class that has no admin, there would be nobody to set links or orders etc. The interface has to have the main items necessary for the adminless system to exist, and those same items need to be consistent with the admin sites as well (again main interface items in a larger world need a central and expected location). The app aims to be a more encompassing collective environment thus there's going to be uniquenesses there that allow for this.

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:46 PM - Response #5

Oh and yet one more thing. Smile

If you're seeing content coming from restricted profiles right now today, definitely please let me know. And thanks!

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 7:43 PM - Response #6

First, I already said where there were restricted profile photos and also here in What's New.

Secondly, of course (as I also already said), I already knew why you want the top to be there (exactly as you stated).

But think for a minute further. When a person goes back and forth from CC to FBCC and sees the links all rearranged, what's the advantage now?

You indicated earlier that visitors will be the exception, not the rule, so it makes much more sense to have Classmates in the same location as regular CC site - plus it makes the help system correlate correctly to the link order! That's not the case now (again an issue of consistency).

The final thing is that a classmate will KNOW where these moved (what are now) top links are, so no problem there either. It's no different than any other link since the issue of classmates going from class-to-class is going to be very tiny and should not drive the design in this area.

As I argued before, it's all self-internalized thinking. I'm a prime case of someone who doesn't want the link order to be set by FBCC. Which actually hasn't been explained without contradictions.

Step 1 - remove the top graphic for the links which is the prime reason FBCC is now literally locked in that order.

Step 2 - Make them regular controllable flexible links. Regular visitors (which will be 99% classmates) will know where they are just like they now see them on top vs some other place on CC. Hardly a big deal.

Make a topic where CC asks if admins would prefer the top links to be under their control as to position, viewing, etc just like they can be in CC or should CC decide the link order with admin having no control?

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 7:50 PM - Response #7

When you get an adminless site, let's talk. I don't see how that's going to happen with the way one joins via Class Connection. It's not nearly the same as setting up a CC site (or trying it out).

Using a phantom site that -may- exist in tiny amounts is not a good reason for the ACTUAL FBCC sites to be restricted. It's a non-starter using the same 2% (probably less) that you argued for in restricted profiles not being restricted in FBCC (the number of classes that restrict profiles or for that matter the whole home page.)

However, the order of the links has nothing to do with the ability to control the links. They can be just like they are now with a -future- admin having the ability to rearrange. Not sure why you even mention this since it's no different than the default link order on a regular CC site.

Brad Switzer wrote:

The app has an adminless option. This feature is going to get very little discussion here for obvious reasons (you all are admins of course). But when you visit another class that has no admin, there would be nobody to set links or orders etc.

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 10:38 PM - Response #8

Jack, read you comments above. As always thanks for sharing your suggestions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 2:10 AM - Response #9

Is there a good reason why I can post on any "What's New" page without belonging to that class (nor even my school)??

Edited 04/08/14 2:11 AM
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 1:22 PM - Response #10

Will add limits on this. For instance we'll let admins decide who can "share a message" there. And classmates decide who can comment there (which is already set on Profile visibility settings -- we just need to allow or disallowing commenting on What's New based on these already existing settings -- no need for classmates to set anything else).

Example: Brad is a member of the Bothell High Class of 1962. He "visits another class" and visits Bothell 61. On the What's New page Jack has posted a photo. Brad wants to comment on his buddy Jack's photo. Brad should be able to do that if Jack allows all members of the high school to comment on his profile.

There's of course a wide variety of setups admins need. Many smaller schools function as one as I've alluded to, often throwing all school reunions. It's very common for people across many class years to know each other in these scenarios. Classmates from these classes are far more likely to cross classes, comment, and follow members outside of their own class. This is often the case in smaller towns as well where people from two separate schools often knew each other well.

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