Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 9:11 PM

I had someone attempt to link a picture from a website that she had it stored on and in the process she somehow accidentally blew up the size large enough that it blocked the whole message board. So, after messing with it for several hours, somehow, using Firefox, I was able to block the link. Funny thing was, the block only seemed to work with Firefox, but it allowed me to then see the original post so that I could delete it and viola, the problem was fixed.

However, now I want to let the original poster try again and I can't figure out how I did the block. I had come to the conclusion that it was only blocked in my Firefox browser, but if that is so then she would be able to repost it, which she can not.

Sorry this is so brain dead stupid. I thought I had emailed myself enough breadcrumbs to find my way back, but I missed something somewhere and I am now stuck.

Any help appreciated!