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Message forum vs What's New

Forums: Class Connection Facebook App
Created on: 06/30/14 11:44 PM Views: 1457 Replies: 2
Monday, June 30, 2014 at 11:44 PM

Our 50th is in Sept so there is much activity on the MF, but bc it is not 'threaded' people are responding to posts that are many posts back (earlier). It's getting confusing.

If they would use the What's New { WN} to do their posting, then people could respond right below that post.

1. I don't suppose there is there any way I can move the MF post to WN?

2. Is there some pre-written paragraph I can post on MF to tell them to start using the WN?

3. Does WN work like the User Forums{which I never activated} - outside of the tie to FB, or course? [ and there is no way to move MF post to the User Forum?]

4. Does a clsmt have to have a FB account to use WN?

5. Are Class Connection & WN basically the same?

I could deactivate the MF, thus forcing them to WN, but they may revolt at that.

Thanks, Nancee

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 9:10 AM - Response #1

Hi Nancee,

1. The What's New pulls posts and updates your members have made on profile pages. An example of that would be if Alice posted a birthday wish on your page. In the past a member would have to go to your page to read it. Now they simply look at the What's New page to view all the profile updates and comments. On your page as well as that of others, there is an option to 'Share a comment with (Alumni/Members/Classmates)'. Anything posted there shows on the What's New page.

That shared, The Message Forum does not appear on the What's New page. I believe I suggested that awhile back... it makes sense to me.

2. About a 'pre-written' notice to use What's New... not that I have heard. What's New gathers what's happening on profiles - not the rest of the site. Hm... I see a point here that 'what's new' is not all that is 'what's new.'

3. No, see above answers.

4. No, a classmate does NOT need to have a FB account to see their posts on another profile on the WN page on the site.

5. The WN page is the same on FB and your site.

As I shared in an email last month, your members actually use the Message Forum. That is a good thing, yet as you noted - their posts/topics get lost down the page. This is why the User Forum (you are not using) is helpful in keeping topics together. The problem I've had with it is getting members to use it. That is the next goal on my alumni site.

EDIT - ADDED the following 2 PARAGRAPHS:

About the user forum... your members are active on yours. I believe you had about 250 posts. I think what draws members to the User Forum vs. Member Forum is that when they open it they see the conversation happening and can join right in. Looking at the Member Forum, members have to choose a topic and by the time they find one that is active, current and interesting they have lost what they get when opening the User Forum.

The key to the Member Forum would be to have a Moderator who receives the posts via email (a setting available under Grant Admin Rights). The Moderator should be interested in bringing traffic to the Member Forum and realize when a good post is received, then post a brief announcement on the home page with a link straight to the thread. This is the best way, I know, to bring members to the Message Forum... hopefully capturing their interest.

One last thing... there is one way to move Message Forum posts to the USER Forum... copy/paste. One sec... let me check that. Following is a short post I made on TAP's Message Forum. Note, I copied the date, time and post number to be included. The thing I do not like is that Edit Delete and Change Photo (where the photo is in place) copy. I would want to delete those. This would take a good amount of time to do, yet I wouldn't be against it... someday.

----- copy/paste follows -----
06/08/14 04:01 AM    #57 EDIT DELETE

Change Photo

Gwen Reinboldt Corey

I have submitted approximately 4 messages to Facebook. No reply.
----- end of copy/paste -----

There you have it.

Edited 07/01/14 9:40 AM
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 10:32 AM - Response #2

Nancee, the last line of your post was: "I could deactivate the MF, thus forcing them to WN, but they may revolt at that."

Let's look at it as this...
deactivating the Message Forum and activating Member Forum.

This you could do. Yes, they may not be happy. This takes me back to copying and pasting of the Message Forum posts. If you are considering this, do it now before you have more to move. Here is what I would do...

1. Scan the User Forum to get a few of the topics started in the Message Forum list. I would start at the beginning to keep them in order under the topic. Here are two recent topics I recall: "Home Run 50th Reunion" and "Harrison 8th Grade".

2. Starting at the beginning - post #1 choose to copy or not to copy the basic posts saying hello... things that are not on a particular topic you will place in the Member Forums. Then begin the copy/paste of each post that fits under a topic into the Member Forum.

Do not delete a post in the Message Forum after copying it. I suggest this as a revolt regarding the change may be easier to deal with than members seeing their posts have disappeared if/when you reopen the Message Forum.

In my reply above, I said the copy/paste may take a good bit of time. It will take time but I thought again... in all forums of this type there are general statements of hello or 'good to see everyone'. If you choose not to copy those over (for now), it would save time. And trust me, if you get in the swing of the copy/paste with few interruptions, it will go fast. I have done this type of thing and what took me longer was as simple as starting. Then it was 'full steam ahead'.

Let us know what you decide to do.

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