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Classmates joining Website going to Mssing Classmates

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Created on: 02/09/15 12:43 PM Views: 1131 Replies: 3
Monday, February 9, 2015 at 12:43 PM

I have sent invitations to a number of classmates who I have recently received their email address' for. After I received their email address I went onto their Details Page and added their email address.

I received a request for a temporary password and wondered why they could not create their own when they clicked on Join Class, so I went to our website and clicked on JOIN HERE. When I do that it takes me to missing classmates. I thought it would take new members to the CLASS PROFILES and they could then click on their name to join. I have missing classmates as those who we do not have emails for not just those who have not joined the class.

Is there somewhere in preferences that I need to change to have those classmates who are joining our website go directly to Class profiles instead of Missing Classmates.


Joan Schutz Mohlman

Edited 02/09/15 12:44 PM
Monday, February 9, 2015 at 2:06 PM - Response #1


Log out of your website and then click "Classmate Profiles", you will notice that the page is password protected. When an admin does this to their Classmate Profiles page, if a classmate clicks the JOIN HERE link we automatically reroute them to the Missing Classmates page if the Classmate Profiles page is password protected.

Have you also a System Password that you are providing the classmates, just tell them to click on Classmate Profile, enter the "System Password" and then find their name and click on it to join the website.

Monday, February 9, 2015 at 2:25 PM - Response #2

Thanks Kyle. I did have a system password, but thought it was only for admins pages. I will include this password in the future to classmates who are joining our website.


Monday, February 16, 2015 at 1:06 PM - Response #3

Giving out the system password may accomplish what you want, but... there are drawbacks. There are several threads (search for "system password") descrbing why providing the system password should only be used for special cases - like allowing access for the school's Alumni Association office, or allowing other interested admins view-only access to locked pages (but not profiles or What's New). And how giving out the system password often results in less people joining since they already have access to most of the site's pages. In fact, some admins lock popular pages as an incentive to join. One other drawback is that system password use is not tracked, so you have no way of knowing who's using it or when it's used.

There really is no perfect solution for what you described. Rather than supply the system password, you could unlock the Class Profiles page, but that leaves your class list open to search engines - and those bogus imposters who like to claim they are the official class site to copy the names and data they find there.

You could leave the class profiles list locked but change the setting for the 'Missing' list to those who have not joined yet, knowing that some of them will not really be 'missing' since you know where they are and can contact them.

We chose to lock the class profile list, change the name of the "Missing" page to "Missing/Not-Registerd" and set it to all members not yet joined. And we only give the system password to a very short list.

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