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Add PDF to a site page..not event planner or left side of home page

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Created on: 03/29/20 09:08 PM Views: 374 Replies: 2
Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 9:08 PM

Since Adobe Flash is no longer active, and I don't want to create a YouTube etc., I'd like to have a way for the class to access various pictures including the entire yearbook. All of this was put on Issuu. I can put a link to the specific location at Issuu, but then the class member has to get an Issuu account, or at least download an app, which my test people don't want to do. I can download everything from Issuu to a PDF. I tried to link a PDF to the appropriate page on my site, but get a message that the file or directory is not found. My test page is under Previous Reunion Pix, 2009 Reunion Pix. Help please. Thanks.

Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 9:53 PM - Response #1

Pages are locked, however, must be a mistake in the link made.

There's a warning though about linking to a PDF. If a user has modified how they want the browser to treat a PDF odd things happen.

I posted an answer a few times discussing how to have a PDF show on a CC page without the user doing anything. The Google qview one is actually the best since that is not sensitive to a user modifying their settings.

This is the most reliable way to show a PDF on a site - replace with your filevault location. Recommend using https too. Iframe height is up to your taste.

This is the original page where I explained, however, I would use the one above since I since discovered the issue where users have modified their browser settings.

Friday, July 2, 2021 at 7:26 PM - Response #2

Many of us already know this, but just a reminder.

You can upload a picture by clicking the Insert Photo icon,

but to upload a PDF file, enter some text and highlight it like you're going to create a link, then click the Link Icon, this will let you navigate to where the PDF file is stored, select it and click upload. It will be uploaded. Once uploaded, the storage location will be displayed. You can copy that, click inside the file field, the storage location should be highlighted, but if it is not, click (Control plus A to select All, then Control plus C to copy) then use it to replace the specific portion of the sample code that Jack has presented above.

You can see the portion that says: . . . all the say to and including the "pdf" delete the slash / and everything after delete the slash and all the zeros all the way through and including the pdf and replace it with what appears when you upload the PDF. Delete what you are replacing, then hold down the Control key and press Control plus V to paste. Remember to save your work.

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