Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 6:49 PM

TAP - The Administrators Place



at 8:30 pm EDT

Starters - Settling in and hellos

Followed by review of last week's topics - Plan has changed: We will be helping with specific questions

This week's topic is: REUNION PLANNING & PLANNER - Have a question? Hitting a brick wall? Ask in chat... someone may have an answer or suggestion to help.

Before we turn out the lights... What's on your mind?

You may have noticed, the chat schedule has changed. I've held the start of chat recently giving everyone a chance to get 'in the door'. After a few weeks of this, it is time to adjust our schedule.

We will give time in the beginning for everyone to settle in and exchange greetings. You are always welcome to pose a question of your fellow admins or share good news in the opening while we get settled. When the room begins to fill, we may hold a question until later in the chat. Your understanding is appreciated.

We will follow with a review of the last week and then move onto the evening's topic. We end with "What's on your mind" which may be a question, problem or more good news.

Look forward to seeing you in chat!Very Happy