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E-mail bouncbacks

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 02/18/10 05:41 PM Views: 1433 Replies: 1
Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 5:41 PM

I have a lot of e-mail boucebacks and alumni are questioning why. Is there anyway they can go into their profile and correct this, or what is happening to cause this?

Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 5:59 PM - Response #1

I see 4 in your account right now.

The first one - the mailbox is full - the user will need to clean out their mailbox in order to receive more email.

The second one - they entered a web address in their email rather than an email address

The third one - AOL may have this account locked - it shows the sender okay and the Recipient rejected. They will need to talk to AOL if this is still their valid email address to find out why it was rejected.

The fourth one - Mon 2010-02-15 12:35:51: <-- 550 5.7.1 recipient unknown #292 -- means there is no such account at that email address.

The description of the bounce reason is typically a couple lines up from the bottom of the bounce details page - each bounce is clickable so you can view the details. On the bottom of the details page there is an area to click to edit that classmates record.

If you receive corrected email and don't have the bounce saved the classmate can edit their own contact information or you can edit it for them under Manage Classmates > Enter/edit Classmates > and then clicking on the Details link for that classmate.

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