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Forums: Suggestions and Feedback
Created on: 05/27/21 07:40 PM Views: 3591 Replies: 2
Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 7:40 PM

Downloading class lists, we can filter and select:
-Member Type: Classmates; Deceased; Guests; Guests No Profiles; Attending Reunion Not On Class List
-Classmate CC fields from the Contact/Details Info page
-Classmate custom fields from the Profile page
-CC fields: Member ID; Joined On; Last Login; Last Update(profile but not contact info); Email Status
-Admin fields: Admin Notes; Addional Contact Info; Year Deceased

The Contact Info/Detail page, in the Admin view, lists 3 options: Show on Class list: YES or NO or Show as Guest Member. How is the NO displayed in the Download file? These NO people have a class year, hidden access and hidden profiles, whereas guests have no year or profile. I'm assuming that hidden info should be downloaded in some way, and marked as such.

I would also like to ask again for a date of Last Contact Info Update. We get email notices but it's not recorded in the system where we could have it downloaded with the rest of their record?

I'm still confused on the download when a classmate has joined, which info was admin entered and which is classmate entered. I can't tell what they've left blank--they don't see the admin-entered info. The only comparison is viewing the individual Details page because of the yellow. Details of admin-entered info from non-joined people are not yellowed and are simply downloaded as-is. Is the download of joined classmates ONLY their self-entered contact info or is it mixed with admin data? If join but don't enter something, is that left blank?

Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 9:43 PM - Response #1

My test member is hidden (show on class list = NO translates to "guest, not displayed") and is shown in the download as Member Type "Guest Members, No Profiles". There's really nothing else that's unique as all other fields in the download could have data.

That "No Profile" for a hidden member is not totally true. If that member was originally just a normal member (or guest) and was then changed to a hidden member, they would have still have a profile - but they and everyone else (except admins) can't see it.

If you log in as a hidden member, there is no menu item under Member Functions to Edit Profile, since the design assumes that a hidden member would not have/need one if nobody can view it. But when you use Manage Classmates to edit the contact info details, you can then switch to editing the profile and populate it like any other non-hidden member.

Friday, May 28, 2021 at 12:11 PM - Response #2

John, that was very illumniating. I just downloaded only the 3 guest categories, separately.
Guests no profile had mostly classmates we'd changed to not show on list, but two people not connected with the school who we wanted to receive emails and have access. Not sure why those 2 aren't just plain Guests, but we didn't want them to show as Guests on the Class Roster page.
Guests is an actual guest who shows at the bottom of the Roster page as a Guest, a non-student. Our Admin Notes says he was added because he wanted to write a comment on his friend's In Memory page. He wasn't allowed to do that, as a Guest, so a co-admin added his comments to the regular top edit box. A "Guest no profile" probably wouldn't have been allowed to comment on the In Memory page, either.
Attending reunion not on class list looks like mostly classmates, not really accurate and would take some research to determine which are true outsiders. This will take more research.

Helpful to know what really happens. Still waiting to hear about Admin vs Classmate-entered data, and the addition of the Updated Contact Info vs Profile Update to the download.

Edited 05/28/21 12:17 PM
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