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Vertical scrollbar color

Forums: Questions and Answers About Building Your Site
Created on: 02/25/20 10:38 AM Views: 181 Replies: 1
Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 10:38 AM

Here's a suggestion I hope everyone implements. Please check the color of the vertical scrollbar on the right side of any site page, using the Google Chrome browser, the most popular browser in the U.S. (48% market share). I see many sites in which the scrollbar is the same color as the background color, making it invisible; for example, an orange vertical scrollbar in an orange column. This makes scrolling difficult.

To make the scrollbar the standard gray in a white column, under Admin Functions, click on Change Design. Scroll down to Site Colors and under Scrollbar Colors click on the first option, "Use default scrollbar, do not color."

My understanding is this may be just a Google Chrome issue, but since Chrome is the most popular browser, why not make the vertical scrollbar the same color as all other sites on the internet.

Edited 02/26/20 8:17 PM
Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 6:40 PM - Response #1

Agree, however, did you know your site actually picked a color in FIrefox? It's a lighter shade of your background. In Chrome it is gray. Most other sites are "gray".

I think the defaults for browsers come from the Windows setting. I've always reverted to the "old" classic style. Haven't played with that for ages. There are also "themes" or extensions one can apply that change this.

Firefox does show some other sites with a "colored" scrollbar but they are gray in Chrome. Don't remember, but there were difference in what browsers allowed this using the CC method. Some never allowed one to change the color the CC way.

All this is for current browsers I have installed.

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