Friday, December 16, 2011 at 7:49 PM

Hi from NC......
For the 2nd time this week - I'm experiencing the disappearance of some of my links. When I view the Gallery Creator - it's evident the 'active' box has been turned off. I have lots of links, and several have numerous galleries. Itis very time consuming to turn themn all back on....but the bigger concern is how/why this is happening. Not only did it happen earlier this week -- tonight, I've reactivated some -- only for them to again go back to inactive.

None of my Admins. are doing this-----I sure hope there's an explanation and guarantee the problem will be fixed. I'll just spent the past 15 minutes re-activating some of my links --but decided to wait to correct the others for a response to the issue

Thank you
Irma Comer

Anybody else having this problem?