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Created on: 05/31/13 05:22 PM Views: 912 Replies: 5
Friday, May 31, 2013 at 5:22 PM

Our site is about to go live next week. Is it possible to turn off the Profile Subscriptions feature so that it's not even an option for people when they initially set up their profiles? A couple of people on our committee are nervous about providing a feature that allows a classmate to "track" the activity of other classmates.

Friday, May 31, 2013 at 5:51 PM - Response #1

I'll be interested in what others have to say about this but I fail to see how being notified when someone makes a change to their profile qualifies as "tracking." The person making the entry obviously means for it to be available to others. What difference does it make if someone else is notified of that as opposed to just stumbling across it?

Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 11:03 AM - Response #2

It is not an option to turn off "Notify Me". The Profile Subscriptions isn't just for profile updates. It also is what generates a birthday reminder for classmates who want to remember another classmate's birthday.

It seems like you would want activity on your website instead of trying to restrict activity. When classmates come to the website to visit the profiles that get updated, they will see the new content on the home page, etc.

When the classmate has "Notify Me" and the "Immediately" option selected, he won't get an e-mail after every change, but only 30 minutes after the last change of the profile and the profile notification won't go out if you view the updated profile before the time to send the e-mail to you would happen..

Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 11:12 AM - Response #3

I would not put this in any aspect as 'tracking' activity. You want to generate interest in the website, and just because someone changed their profile, that is intended to be seen by other classmates is NOT tracking. These notifications were the core responsibility of getting my classmates interested from the very beginning. Alerting classmates keeps the interest, and directly contributes to the success of the website.

Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 11:57 AM - Response #4

Hi Doug,

Welcome to the world of Class Creator! You'll find most of those who reply here to have good suggestions, comments and more.

I built my first site on Class Creator in 2010 ... mid-reunion-registration ... and love it here. I now have an alumni site and a site for all of us to chat in real time. I share this because there are times I am rather uncomfortable about others 'following' my profile changes. My feeling is if you really want to know if there has been a change - take a moment to look at my profile... or it is really not that important. However, the idea of having a site is to foster communication between classmates, share reunion information and register for your reunion and the list goes on. For that reason, I let the "Notify Me" go and move on.

This brings me to a request, CC (Class Creator). Now that the option to view contact info (address/phone) is no longer on profiles for privacy reasons... could that be replaced with "turn off Notify Me on my profile"? That puts the option in the hands of our classmates/members. I feel it is a good idea to give the option for sites that are not class/school/member related, which we know exist under CC at this time. If available, I would use the option on one of my sites - for sure.

Now for an explanation as to where/why I would use the option. On my school sites, it is not a problem - especially my (single year) class site. After all, we were classmates and have some connections there. Many of my classmates are still working or running their own businesses. For them, I would probably leave the Notify Me on as the idea is for all of us to come together in one location until the reunion ---- on our class sites. The site I would use it on is the site that is not for my high school. Why? I feel it leans more toward a business site (okay, a casual one Smile ) than a school site. As I wrote above, "...if you really want to know if there has been a change - take a moment to look at my profile... or it is really not that important."

There you have it, Doug. The responses from other admins who have good, solid comments - and mine. Wink

Once again... Welcome, Doug. We look forward to hearing how your site participation grows and about your reunion.

Edited 06/01/13 12:00 PM
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 8:06 PM - Response #5

Something to discuss after launch of few Class Creator site and Facebook application. For the record though, there's really no tracking here as alluded to by others. If you want to see updated profiles you can also just go to the Classmate Profiles page and list the updates by date. It's the exact same thing. If you subscribe to somebody's profile that person isn't even aware of it. If you visit somebody's profile that person has no way to know you did. It's all anonymous. That's really the beauty of it -- i.e. there's no real tracking or reporting. Your update email is only telling you the same thing you could see on the Classmate Profiles page itself, and again, nobody has any idea who you're getting notices on other than you. As we branch into other systems in the Fall we'll look at potential options as necessary for those. For Class Creator itself, getting Profile update emails is a crucial part of the system that allows people to stay informed and up to date with each other.

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