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Feedback on Event Planner & Associated Functions

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Created on: 04/17/15 12:23 PM Views: 670 Replies: 1
Friday, April 17, 2015 at 12:23 PM
checkout page.jpg

1) Please change "denomination" to "amount" in various places in the donations manager (and perhaps elsewhere).

Denomination means the type of currency (yen, euro, dollar...) and could be confusing to an international audience, which many HS classes do have.

Amount is usually what you mean anyway, and is clearer.

2) The organization of the event planner is awkward.

CASE 1: If I want people to be able to see what the various events being offered are, and to pick each one they want to go to, and then have one single shopping cart with all their choices in it, and a single payment process, then the only way to do that now is to have all of the events listed as activities under one main event.

But there is no way to enter a description of each activity into each activity page. Instead, you have to have all of the descriptions together in one big blob which appears underneath the order form. Plus there are these boxes with the activity names lined up in the RHS column and when you click them they don't really do anything.

It would be good if when you click them you could get a description of the event they represent. And/or if there could be a brief description field that would appear in the boxes.

Case 2: If I try to get around the restriction of Case 1 by setting up separate events for each activity, then when people buy them they go into separate shopping carts and they have to go through the checkout process individually for each one. This seems to be designed for classes that have a bunch of different things happening, like say a reunion and a separate golf outing and a class cruise etc. so it can't really be used for a class reunion.

Why would I want to? Because I want to be able to have a description of each event that goes with the event when a person is deciding whether or not to sign up for that event (sort of like a product page) before adding it to the shopping cart. But right now, I can't do that at all.

Here is a photo of my Case 1 page Smile

I might have more feedback as I go along, and if so I will just add it to this thread.

Monday, April 20, 2015 at 11:35 AM - Response #1

Thank you for the feedback. We are continuing to receive feedback and are discussing ways to further enhance the system. I will forward your suggestions for consideration.

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