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Forums: Suggestions and Feedback
Created on: 04/04/10 10:41 AM Views: 1221 Replies: 1
Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 10:41 AM

A suggestion from one of my classmates:
...I'm wondering about the placement (on the site) of "display my birthday" was confusing for me since it wasn't next to where I entered my birthday...can that be located to the profile page? Likewise the display my email's on the 2nd page at the bottom...not on the first page near where you enter the email address...can this be moved? Or can buttons be added to the first page for this?

Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 5:53 PM - Response #1

There is no display my email address checkbox on the bottom of the Profile. We never allow displaying of email addresses under any scenario. If Classmates want to email each other privately and share email addresses they can certainly do that. But you're never going to find an email address listed on the web site even if Classmates have restricted their Profiles to only fellow Classmates.

One thing we should do based on your comments is move the Birthday checkbox so it's always grouped together with the other 3 privacy checkboxes. That one is currently higher on the page and the order on the page can also be controlled under your Profile Generator link, but really that's one that should have a fixed position with the other privacy checkboxes.

FYI some information from the Contact Details page can pull onto the Profile page if the Classmate allows it. It's very important all 4 privacy checkboxes be located on the Edit Profile page though. When people want to change what appears on their Profile page, the natural instinct is to click "Edit Profile." If we moved any of those checkboxes to the Details page, for instance if we moved the "show my street address" checkbox to the Details page, it would make it very hard for people to find it. It wouldn't be natural to want to edit something appearing in your Profile, such as the street address or date of birth, and have to click the "Edit Contact Details" link to make that change. Bottom line anything that is entered in the Contact Details page, that is then allowed to pull into the public Profile, has to remain amongst the private info checkboxes grouped together at the bottom of the Edit Profile page. Take my word for it on this one, it works better having all of those options together on the Profiles page -- it took several dozen user recommendations here for that private info area to work like it does today. It's probably not perfect, but scattering that info across 2 different pages at different spots on those pages would only make it difficult for people to find and control the information they consider most sensitive or private. The way it works currently, all sharing of private info (Mailing Address, Birthdays, whether you allow public comments on your private Profile, and whether the entire Profile itself is public or private) is easy to locate and control on the Edit Profile page.

Edited 04/04/10 5:56 PM
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