Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 7:11 PM

TAP - The Administrator's Place
WEDNESDAY, September 19, 2012
at 8:30 pm EDT

Starters: Follow-up of last week's topics -
Last week's topics... TAP members reunion/convention
(not a reality yet just kicking around the idea)

This week's topic is: Open Topic

Before we turn out the lights... What's on your mind?

Hope to see you tonight! ... for some reason this url keeps going back to this same CC Forum when I try it, so... To join us on TAP, just click on the "view site" tab in the left column of this message. Smile Thanks and we hope to see you there!
Marla Bryan ... for your host Gwen Corey

CAUTION: TAP Live Chats are saved by SCREENSHOTS (pictures) and combined in a log and distributed to all attendees, therefore, please be cautious and if there is something you do not want recorded in the log, please hold that comment for a private chat outside of our Wednesday’s TAP Live Chat. When capturing the log in this manner… by screenshots, we really cannot strike comments without literally pasting a cover over the space of an undesired comment and do not really want to have to do such editing to strike (cover-up) undesired comments. Thank you!