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registering for reunion

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Created on: 11/11/11 12:30 PM Views: 4115 Replies: 1
Friday, November 11, 2011 at 12:30 PM

Our reunion is still 2 years away. When I started the website 2 months ago I created the question "are you planning on attending the 50-year reunion?". Classmates responded as they registered on the site, and there are now 200 responses. We have just finalized the actual date and place of our reunion so I created the Reunion Planner. Now there is an "official" question about coming to the reunion, that Class Creator will track. I inactivated my question to new classmates and I am going in to each registered profile adding "yes" or "no" to the question. I then get a window saying a "yes" only says you are planning on attending the reunion, but it does NOT register you for the reunion, and that you must ALSO register for the reunion. There is more information by clicking the information link on the web site, and then completing the registration steps.
So, my question is, I don't see an information link and does everybody have to re-register? We won't be sending an "invitation" out for over a year and I find this window confusing.

Friday, November 11, 2011 at 1:35 PM - Response #1

Hi Joani,

The question in the Profile Generator is just to gauge interest in attending the reunion, and is useful to keep in place even after you open registration for the reunion, so long as you may still have classmates registering to use the website at all. This is because making classmates register for the reunion in order to register to use the website creates a bit of a high threshold for participation, and you want classmates to use the site even if they're not planning on attending THIS reunion. This especially applies if they have to buy tickets in order to complete the REUNION registration.

The profile question therefore serves as a way for you to keep track of which classmates to follow up with if they have indicated an interest in the reunion but haven't registered for the reunion by some date of your choosing. The notification window just lets whomever is changing the answer to the profile question know that by answering that question they have not also registered for the reunion itself and will need to do that separately.

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