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email to paid reunion registrants

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Created on: 10/12/11 05:05 PM Views: 2829 Replies: 1
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 5:05 PM

When I choose to email those who paid for the reunion, under the available classmates I do not get the many teachers who registered and paid. Also, I do not get anyone who has set their Notify Flag OFF. These are both problems. With over 980 paid registrants including about 30 staff members, I now have to go through the paid registration list to produce a list of staff members so I can email them a parking permit. I also have to manually go through the list of all classmates who have emails (about 5800), see who has turned off their Notify Flag OFF and then see who among that subgroup who has registered so I can send them a parking permit.

Time is of the essence since our reunion is coming up, so I'll do these lengthy manual tasks, but I ask that you really make changes to override the Notifhy Flag Off for special mailings like this and also to include staff members.

These kinds of thing (and many others I've noted in other postings) really have to be fixed in order for this to be considered for large scale multi-year reunions. As I've mentioned before, please consider having a panel of users representing various kinds of situations so that when you make changes or come out with new versions, you have had input from the user community. This could not have been the case for situations like these and others that I've noted for multi-year sites.

Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 12:11 PM - Response #1

Hi Joe,

We appreciate your valuable input and suggestions for improvement to the features you need for your major event. Unfortunately, we are very limited in our ability to implement significant changes on the fly as we are working on a major system overhaul and upgrade.

In order for us to best serve the needs of larger events like yours, it would be very helpful if you would keep track of the specific issues you encounter and send it to us as after your event when things have settled and you have a full list in one document. Remember, the more precise and specific the description of the process and outcome you want, the easier it will be for us to implement the changes. I can't promise anything, but at least this approach will give you the best odds.

Thanks again!

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