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Not receiving email notifications

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 06/08/09 09:01 PM Views: 1293 Replies: 1
Monday, June 8, 2009 at 9:01 PM

It doesn't appear that I am receiving any emails from the website. I am the administrator and have tried sending test emails using the Contact Us link, but nothing comes my way. I also don't see emails sent directly through me (using the website) unless I log in and see that there is a message in my inbox. I know that I used to see these message, but can't figure out why I can't now. Any thoughts?


Monday, June 8, 2009 at 11:45 PM - Response #1

First let's have you run a test. It sounds like you've tested this more or less on your own already, but for good measure let's start from the top.

Go to your home page, and in the Missing Classmates box in the lower right please enter your own email address. Then wait an hour or so to see if the mail comes through. Normally you will get the email within minutes, but give it an hour just for good measure. Then let me know if you got the email or not.

I suspect you will not get the email. Which means you've got a problem with receiving emails from with your email provider and/or your own email box. This happens quite regularly, so here are the things to check:

1) Is the email going to your spam or junk email folder. Make sure you check there first.

2) Does your email provider filter for spam at a higher level than you can control? You might need to call and find out.

3) Specifically tell your provider you are not receiving email from, and you'd like to know why. Often then will know why immediately, and many times will make a change to let the email through. We've actually seen a couple email providers in the past filter out ALL email from, unless you call and tell them not to do that.

4) It's also possible your email provider subscribes to some type of email "gray list" and we're on it. This can easily happen if a Classmate also on that provider falsely attributes an email from our system as spam. I've had to make several calls in the past to various providers to get us removed from these lists. Unfortuantely with a half million people using the system, it doesn't take much for an incredibly small percentage of people to falsely mark something as spam, thus in turn causing email deliverability issues for other users on the same email network.

Bottom line, check your spam and junk email folder first, and if the emails aren't there, call your provider and follow the instructions above. Then based on what you find out please report back here. I may then have to call over there to resolve whatever the blockage is here.

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