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Donations - Thank you

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Created on: 09/13/09 05:12 PM Views: 1603 Replies: 1
Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 5:12 PM

We had a successful reunion in August, and the class creator system has been instrumental to our success including all the features for: planning, collecting payments, etc... via the web site. Now, as we settle in for future plans, I recently set up my site for classmates to donate on line to keep the site going. When I tested the donate now section, I see that pay pal does send a receipt to classmates for their donations. My suggestion - going forward - would be for the class creator system to also be able to automatically generate a "thank you for the donation" message (from the class) to the classmate who contributed. Case in point, I had a couple classmates who donated larger than normal donations. Now, I feel pressed to send out an e-mail (from me personally) to thank them for the gift. This could get time consuming if I feel the need to thank each classmate personally. Is this feature something that might be a possibility for the future to be added to the class creator system? Appreciate your input. thanks Vida

Edited 09/13/09 5:21 PM
Monday, September 14, 2009 at 12:53 PM - Response #1

Good idea. I'm going to add it to our Task List and mark it medium priority. We are working on a handful of major features currently. Everything on the Task List eventually makes the live system.

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