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Created on: 01/16/17 07:37 PM Views: 802 Replies: 1
Monday, January 16, 2017 at 7:37 PM

I am setting up the Reunion for our class and I notice there is no link that says you are attending, maybe or no. People have to go in an register therefore payment will be due. Our event isn't until next year but we always open up early for folks to view.

This seems to be a problem when the count comes in and also with us having to have too many columns on spread sheets. The older version that we used prior was much simpler and easier to revise. This is ok, but what do we do to get a count. When I registered also my name was not put as attending left blank. Our other admin is on.

Also in setting all the events up, the option of pay at the door dissappeared on my event. This is a meet and greet event that is being held at a restuarant and the guests will pay on their own. So it's not free. I ended up deleting the event off the site due to error messages that I couldn't control. So one of my events is not going to be listed except by my postings which are in several sites.
Also upon looking at the payment we can't edit or cancel the registration. I am not bringing a guest therefore my pricing is correct, but should I decide to I would have to register again. This would be helpful if people change their mind prior to payment.

Edited 01/16/17 7:41 PM
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 5:37 PM - Response #1

You can set up a Survey Maker survey to ask preliminary interest questions like this. There are a few features on a request list that we are considering adding to the Event Planner. This particular summary page that you are mentioning is one of those suggestions.

On the payment preferences page, I just selected and saved the option for : Check this box if you are allowing classmates to pay for event(s) at the door. There should now be an option on your Edit This Event > Edit Activity for pay at the door options.

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