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Suggestion on making ClassCreator more visible

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Created on: 07/21/09 01:08 PM Views: 1342 Replies: 1
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 1:08 PM

One of the challenges all of us admins have is getting visible on the web. To be honest, Google and others have a vested value in outfits that pay them to list their info - which includes the classmate and facebook type websites.

Bottom line that the more that your customers are successful the more successful ClassCreator is. And the more successful our websites are the more visible ClassCreator is.

I would strongly recommend that you open up a free website where people could list there reunions and contact information. I think organizing it by state and town would make the most sense. Promote and pay to have Google, Yahoo, and MSN to list it if need be.

The point is that visibility of CC promotes visibility our websites, and our websites promote visibility of CC. When we list reunions in our local paper and point them to our websites then others see CC ads. And the key to opening things up is to make it easy for everyone, whether they use CC or not to list their reunion, and for folks browsing the internet to find their reunions.

This should be a fairly simple application to develop and implement as well as reaping relatively high rewards in return.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 6:15 PM - Response #1

Thanks Mark. Good points.

My only real concern here is not so much in the development of an app like this, as like you said it would be relatively simple to put together, but more in the time and cost of promoting it. It can be difficult to convince people to use something like this if they can't see that it's already being used by others. People never like to go first. Classic chicken/egg scenario.

Sure we could do it, but with so many "find your reunion" type directories already in existence, it may be most beneficial to partner with these directories and advertise Class Creator there. Many are already heavily used. "Find your reunion on Class Creator. Enter your Class Year:" etc. If a site exists for the year we take people directly to it, and if not we try to sell them on using Class Creator to create a site.

It's always a tradeoff spending time developing the system and spending time promoting yourself. We obviously try to do both regularly. And we'll continue trying to get all the exposure we can, including linking up with directories and/or possibly creating our own. Thanks for your suggestions and for your support of Class Creator.

Edited 07/21/09 6:17 PM
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