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cartoons and jokes

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Created on: 09/08/09 03:33 PM Views: 3126 Replies: 4
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 3:33 PM

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for cartoons and jokes relating to reunions, school, friends, aging, etc..circa the 50's..
Anybody willing to share ?

Thanks in advance..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 1:49 AM - Response #1

I'm a little late catching up on these requests. I have a few and will be happy to share, but it may take me a few days. We were early 60's but I have some saved.Go to our website In custom pages check on sites to see; First where are you? We don't put our states on the page. Some of my fun things are spicific to MS, however, some come from a website that deals with all states. One shows you names of towns and you can make some fun by tracking down strange city/town names in you state. EX. our state has 7 towns named Union. Our pastor was in Union. The head of our pastor search chr. had been to Union for his law firm. Called the preacher for directions to his home and found he was in one in N. MS and was supposed to be in Central MS We have Hot Coffee, Egypt (you can go to Rome without leaving MS. I got the idea from a classmate in TX.
These are fun sites about Mississippi.

12/8/08 Thanks to Byron we have a Christmas in the Fifties (complete with Elvis) site. then click the Remembering the fifties link. OR go through

and play any popular song from 1952 through 1982 or go to the specialty areas. You can't miss them. They are listed in very bright colors. Enjoy!

Joining this next site gets you ample info from the era. It's cheap:

I used this website a lot when I was working on our reunion. I had forgotten about it. Part is free, to get more you have to pay. BUT the free part is good. Lara Baby Boomer Headquarters
Click here: Oldies Music -- history, trivia and charts of Fifties, Sixties and Seventies music

the sixties

Click here: Senior Humor : Jokes/Stories for Mature Adult Living

THE CLASS REUNION Every five years, as summertime nears,A Denison announcement arrives in the mail, A reunion is planned; it'll be really grand; Make plans to attend without fail. I'll never forget the first time we met;We tried so hard to impress.We drove fancy cars, smoked big cigars, And wore our most elegant dress. It was quite an affair; the whole class was there. It was held at a fancy hotel.We wined, and we dined, and we acted refined, And everyone thought it was swell. The men all conversed about who had been firstTo achieve great fortune and fame.Meanwhile, their spouses described their fine houses And how beautiful their children became. The homecoming queen, who once had been lean,Now weighed in at one-ninety-six. The jocks who were there had all lost their hair, And the cheerleaders could no longer do kicks. No one had heard about the class nerdWho'd guided a spacecraft to the moon;Or poor little Jane, who's always been plain; She married a shipping tycoon. The boy we'd decreed "most apt to succeed"Was serving ten years in the pen,While the one voted "least" now was a priest; Just shows you can be wrong now and then. They awarded a prize to one of the guysWho seemed to have aged the least. Another was given to the grad who had driven The farthest to attend the feast. They took a class picture, a curious mixture Of beehives, crew cuts and wide ties.Tall, short, or skinny, the style was the mini; You never saw so many thighs. At our next get-together, no one cared whetherThey impressed their classmates or not. The mood was informal, a whole lot more normal; By this time we'd all gone to pot. It was held out-of-doors, at the lake shores;We ate hamburgers, coleslaw, and beans.Then most of us lay around in the shade, In our comfortable T-shirts and jeans. By the fortieth year, it was abundantly clear, We were definitely over the hill.Those who weren't dead had to crawl out of bed, And be home in time for their pill. And now I can't wait; they've set the date; Our fiftieth is coming, I'm told.It should be a ball, they've rented a hall At the Shady Rest Home for the old. Repairs have been made on my hearing aid;My pacemaker's been turned up on high. My wheelchair is oiled, and my teeth have been boiled; And I've bought a new wig and glass eye. I'm feeling quite hearty, and I'm ready to party I'm gonna dance 'til dawn's early light.It'll b e lots of fun; But I just hope that there's oneOther person who can make it that night Author Unknown

Straight from the email of Byron: Might want to write the answers down now to prepare for the 50th!!!! Doo Wop QuizDON'T CHEATIt's not that hard...give it a try.1. When did 'Little Suzie' finally wake up?(a) The movie's over, it's 2 o'clock(b) The movie's over, it's 3 0'clock(c) The movie's over, it's 4 o'clock2. 'Rock Around The Clock' was used in what movie?(a) Rebel Without A Cause(b) Blackboard Jungle(c) The Wild Ones3. What's missing from a Rock & Roll standpoint?Earth _____(a) Angel(b) Mother(c) Worm4. 'I found my thrill .. . ..' where?(a) Kans as City(b) Heartbreak Hotel(c) Blueberry Hill5. 'Please turn on your magic beam, _____ _____ bringMe a dream,Sada) Mr. Sandman(b) Earth Angel(c) Dream Lover6. For which label did Elvis Presley first record?(a) Atlantic(b) RCA(c) Sun7. He asked, 'Why's everybody always pickin'On me?' Who was he?(a) Bad, Bad Leroy Brown(b) Charlie Brown(c) Buster Brown8. Bobby Darin's 'Mack The Knife,' the oneWith the knife, was namedSada) MacHeath(b) MacCloud(c) MacNamara9. A Name the song with ''A-wop bop a-loo bopA-lop bam boom.'(a) Good Golly, Miss Molly(b) Be-Bop-A-Lula(c) Tutti Fruitti10. Who is generally given credit for originating theTerm 'Rock And Roll'?(a) Dick Clark(b) Wolfman Jack(c) Alan Freed11. In 1957, he left the music busi ness to become aPreacherSada) Little Richard(b) Frankie Lymon(c) Tony Orlando12. Paul Anka's 'Puppy Love' is written to what star?(a) Brenda Lee(b) Connie Francis(c) Annette Funicello13. The Everly Brothers are . . ....(a) Pete and Dick(b) Don and Phil(c) Bob and Bill14. The Big Bopper's real name wasSada) Jiles P. Richardson(b) Roy Harold Scherer Jr.(c) Marion Michael Morrison15. In 1959, Berry Gordy, Jr., star ted a small recordCompany called...(a) Decca(b) Cameo(c) Motown16. Edd Brynes had a hit with 'Kookie, Kookie, LendMe Your Comb'.'What TV show was he on?(a) 77 Sunset Strip(b) Hawaiian Eye(c) Surfside Six17. In 1960 Bobby Darin marriedSada) Carol Lynley(b) Sandra Dee(c) Natalie Wood18. They were a one hit wonder with 'Book Of Love'Sada) The Penguins(b) The Monotones(c) The Moonglows19. The Everly Brothers sang a song called 'Till I________ You..'(a) Loved(b) Kissed(c) Met20. Chuck Berry sang 'Oh, ______ _____, whyCan't you be true?'(a) Suzie Q(b) Peggy Sue(c) Maybelline21. 'Wooly _______'(a) Mammouth(b) Bully(c) Pully22. 'I'm like a one-eyed cat . . ...(a) can't go into town no more(b) sleepin' on a cold hard floor; (c) peepin' in a seafood store23. 'Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do . ..(a) cause there ain't no answer for a life without booze(b) cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues(c) cause my car's gassed up and I'm ready to cruise24. 'They often call me Speedo, but my real name is(a) Mr. Earl(b) Jackie Pearl(c) Milton Berle25. 'You're my Fanny and nobody else's . ..(a) girl(b) butt(c) love26. 'I want you to play with my . . . '(a) heart(b) dreams(c) ding a ling27. 'Be Bop A Lula . .. ..'(a) she's got the rabies(b) she's my baby..(c) she loves me, maybe28. 'Fine Love, Fine Kissing . . .. ..'(a) right here(b) fifty cents(c) just for you29. 'He wore black denim trousers and . . ...'(a) a pink carnation(b) pink leotards(c) motorcycle boots30. 'I got a gal named . . ..'(a) Jenny Zamboni(b) Gerri Mahoney(c ) Boney MaroneyAnswers:Scroll Down so you aren't tempted to cheat (as if cheating were neededhere).* * * * * * * * * * * * *1 (c) The movie' S over, it's 4 o'clock2. (B) Blackboard Jungle3. (a) Angel4. (c) Blueberry Hill5. (a) Mr. Sandman6. (c) Sun7. (b) Charlie Brown8. (a) Mac Heath9. (c) Tutti Fruitti10. (c) Alan Freed11. (a) Little Richard12. (c) Annette Funicello13. (b) Don and Phil14. (a) Jiles P. Richardson15. (c) Motown16. (a) Sunset Strip17. (b) Sandra Dee18. (b) The Monotones19. (b) Kissed20. (c) Maybelline21. (b) Bully22. (c) peepin' in a seafood store23. (b) cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues24. (a) Mr. Earl25. (b) butt26. (c) ding a ling27. (b) she's my baby28. (a) right here29. (c) motorcycle boots30. (c) Boney MaroneyForward to everyone lucky enough to be teenagers in theDoo Wop era......

That came from someplace else.

Someone named Elizabeth Lucas has a neat Class Reunion poem - can't pull it up. It is corrupted. If you like, I'll keep your email and send more on as I find them.
Lara in MS

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 10:40 AM - Response #2

Hi Lynda,
Try suddenlysenior


for lots of ideas...Humor is timeless, and "age" only a number! lots of resources from these two sites also...
Some grow "old" very early, others never seem to age a bit, so there is something for everyone...keep em' smiling! Humor is a great antidote to whatever ails ya!
Have Fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:02 AM - Response #3

Thanks, Lara

You've added some good ideas... Anything else you would like to send me would be much appreciated.

BTW, our school is in Frankfort, In., which is on my site title..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:08 AM - Response #4

Hi Kris

Thanks for your suggestions.. I'll visit those sites..

Yes, you're so right, we have to keep our humor. I don't put political or current event subjects on my site, see too much of that elsewhere. But, I do like to add cartoons,jokes and funny sayings, hoping to bring a smile or two.


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