Friday, May 8, 2020 at 4:10 PM

This is probably unique to many All-Years multi-class websites. I didn't see any threads about this and am hoping there is or will be a fix for it soon.

When selecting a state to show alumni living in that area you'll be taken immediately to a list of members in the state selected. It's not necessarily intuitive but you can go back and select 'Show Classmates on map'.

Our issue is that there are more than a thousand alumni (from all-years) living in California. When the state is selected there are no options given to first select a county, city, or zip code (for smaller areas) as there are on the normal options selections. Actually there's no option to select city or zip code which would be very helpful. There's not even a chance to get to those options.

A default message immediately appears that says, "Classmates In California: 13,754 - Sorry, there are too many Classmates (13,754) to display.

Will ClassCreator update this feature?