Friday, December 15, 2017 at 4:57 PM

I have added questions to the profile to indicate if the classmate only does snail Mail e.g. no e-mail. I then added a custom icon associated with that question and have it appear in the legend at the top of the Profiles page. I did the same question for teachers profile however there does not seem to be a way to now add the custom Icon to the teacher legend. This feature is available for classmates but not teachers and at present is the only way I can see that certain people are not missing but also cannot be contacted thru email or this website. I understand from Scott that the add custom icon feature was not added to the Teachers area. I use this same capability to denote other conditions such as those we contact thru a surrogate person and People that have chosen to not be contacted. e.g. DNC (Do Not Contact) Fro these reasons this is a needed feature that should be extended to the teacher profile area. Reference website.