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Different photo sizes

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Created on: 12/21/19 08:20 AM Views: 257 Replies: 3
Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 8:20 AM
Image sizes.jpg

In uploading photos to the separate photo galleries I have created on a new site I noticed the difference in sizes when I click on the thumbnails. I would like all of the thumbnails to open at the size of the one on the right but some open with the size on the left. Anyway to get it show same on all galleries?

Thanks in advance.

Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 1:47 PM - Response #1

Without seeing the gallery and originals have to guess.

The way to get photos to be consistently sized the same is to make all the images no wider than 1000 pixels or 1000 pixels tall before uploading. You can upload larger but then how CC processes images becomes involved Smile

The maximum size of gallery photos as stored is 1000 either dimension. If larger they are "trimmed" to that size. If smaller, no changes are made.

IOW, if you upload images smaller than this, they will be displayed at a smaller size, not 1000px. (Not counting html image adjustments, I'm talking about the actual image stored online.)

This is not the same as the size of the uploaded image - the one you show is not the actual image in gallery, but I believe the image on your system.

Firefox is the easiest to use to see the actual size of images on a web page. Right click with mouse over an image, select "View Image Info". The "scaled" info is the html adjustment for the image for your page size.

( As an aside, there's a gallery script I'm finishing that displays ALL images at a consistent full page size. It's pretty much the same as the one I did before, except you don't have to put the images on a page, just give the location of the images. Preferably stored in the FILE (not IMAGE) vault. This JVscripts site has examples of prior version. Sort of like CC in that it shows thumbnails of all the images. Go to AutoZoom, AutoGallery section. )

Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 8:24 PM - Response #2

If you make the longest side of your photos 1000 it works great. I've uploaded over 5,000 photos to our class website over the last 9 years with no problems.

Edited 12/21/19 8:25 PM
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