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password problems

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 08/04/08 09:03 AM Views: 1296 Replies: 1
Monday, August 4, 2008 at 9:03 AM

We are having password issues. Many of our returning members and new members are unable to log in. Any idea why this might be happening? Brad can you check things on your end. Everything looks fine from what I can tell.
I even erased one persons password and told them to try again and that did not work, but when I entered it for them from my end (same info) they got in.
Very weird!

Monday, August 4, 2008 at 11:17 AM - Response #1

When you or your Classmates log into your site and click on the "remember me" checkbox on the login screen, we set a thing called a "login cookie" that sits on your own computer permanently. It's this login cookie that allows you to come back to the site again and again without having to re-log in every time. Unless you click the "log out" link (which then deletes the login cookie), you will remain logged into the system long term.

Because Classmate's typically stay logged in, they get used to coming back to the site again and again without having to re-log in. Last week, however, we had to make some vital changes to our security system, and these changes unfortunatley meant having to reset the login cookie for 100% of Class Creator users. The good news is, our system is now even more secure than it was before. The bad news is, all of your Classmates who got logged out need to log in again.

Because your Classmates have not had to log in regularly, the issue you are experiencing is simple: Some of your Classmates have forgotten the email address and/or password they reigstered with your site. And now they're locked out. How to resolve this:

1) Tell your Classmates to use the password recovery tool built into the login box on your home page. When Classmates forget their passwords they can easily recover them themselves using this tool.

2) If your Classmate has forgotten the email address they used when registering with your site, you'll need to look it up for them under their account details.

3) In cases where your Classmate has forgotten both their email address and password, you should ask your Classmate what info they would like to use for both of these, go to their account details, erase whatever is currently there, and plug in the new information. Note: When you type the new password for your Classmate you will only see ***** for security purposes. But what you are typing is working just fine, and you really are resetting their password. Please type carefully. Smile

There is far more information about passwords, security, cookies, recoving passwords, etc. in our FAQS section if you need any additional information beyond what I've said above.

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