Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 7:46 AM

Recently a classmate enquired as to how to post pictures.

Since I already have done so, couldn't replicate the exact behavior he'd encounter. E.g. no Browse button appears. Below is my response with emphasis added which could have been more precise had I been able to replicate what he'd encounter.

One could employ a 'virgin' account under ADMIN FUNCTIONS to develop response to such user questions. Such an account should NOT be visible nor be modified by any operation performed upon it.

"Hi Doug,

If you already have the pictures on your PC and wish to put them on the FHS'63 website, click on 'Edit/Upload Photos' under MEMBER FUNCTIONS in the black area on the left. There are a few more buttons to click, 'Upload New Photo', 'Add Files', 'Browse' which will allow you to look around your computer for photo you want, etc.. Unfortunately I can't be more specific because the program behaves a bit differently after photos have been uploaded.

If pictures aren't on your PC there are a number of routes. Most digital cameras have a memory card which can be plugged into the PC the camera can be connected to PC by cable. If the pictures are on paper or film they can be scanned to a CDROM disc by a photo store or by using a relatively inexpensive (<$100) scanner attached to your PC.

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have further questions.
... "