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Thanks to...

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Created on: 08/14/12 06:25 PM Views: 1043 Replies: 2
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 6:25 PM

A big thanks to...

Meg Finnan Davis, a site admin and TAP member
Thanks for pointing out a link in TAP Forums that did not work and for putting up with it after my three Exclamation failed attempts at finding and fixing my error.

Kyle Erickson, CC and site admin
Thanks for jumping in when I called out for help and seeing what my tired eyes missed... the page address was for another site!

and to...

Eric Bassey, CC
Thanks for being on the other end of the phone when I called Customer Support today because the link still did not work. I thought of looking at the source but called you first. Of course, you found it... though the address was correct, it was still linked to the wrong site! Rolling Eyes

Two lessons learned:
1) Don't work into the wee hours so often, Gwen!
2) When your eyes hurt - walk away, it is not going anywhere. Cool

Thanks to everyone!

... shared in hopes of helping another admin sometime.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 8:53 PM - Response #1

And many, many thanks to YOU, GWEN, for the countless hours you spend answering questions, going above and beyond what any normal person would do, and for doing it all with "I am so glad that I could help you," attitude.

You are patient, selfless, and knowledgeable. Without your help and guidance, I would still be trying, to no avail, to embed widgets and the like. I know you have shrugged off the moniker, but you are Mother Teresa reincarnated, for many of us.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 9:34 PM - Response #2

Gosh... Thanks, Kathi.

Back when I worked free-lance for AMEX Travel Inbound Services, Miami, FL, I had extra time and found a part time job. I demostrated the TI-94 (an early Texas Instruments computer). Then I met and married the late-ex-husband. He was all about computers. However, his method of teaching me was that he sat at the computer and showed me how to do everything from turning it on to using a program. He moved so fast, I could not keep up. Once I learned enough, I became a sponge. I want to understand to be able to do. So I do hope I help others with patience because being on the other end of anything less is not acceptable.

A good percentage of the time I help friends and classmates, we use Teamviewer where I can see their screen. I choose not to take control of their mouse, but to walk them through the 'how to.'

This is why I am - how I am. Thanks for your very kind words, Kathi. Smile

Edit add: Oops.. I replied under a different site. Cool

Edited 08/14/12 9:42 PM
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