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Changing "School photo"

Forums: Questions and Answers About Building Your Site
Created on: 02/12/12 07:03 PM Views: 920 Replies: 3
Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 7:03 PM
WHS 133lpi-150dpi 001 downsized 2.jpg

After climbing the (kinda steep) CC learning curve for a few months, we feel our site is looking good - but I still get confused - even about things I've done. In this case, I'm now unsure of the definition of "School Photo."

To match the look of the site I managed to insert a repeated tiling version of our '62 yearbook in the space to the right of the content that appears on higher-res monitors (attached here).

I assume (because I can't find it in the FAQ or the Forums at least today) that this is the "School Picture" feature in "Edit School/Logos" and that the logo itself is the drawing of the school building we've inserted on the upper left hand corner of the site.

But now we've found some other images that would look good as well, and to keep the site fresh-looking, I'd like to change what appears to the right of the content now and again.

But being on that editing page, and seeing "No file chosen" for either, means, I further assume, that choosing a new file for School picture will replace the "Warrior" image that's there with a new one?

And once that's done, is there a way to easily switch back, or will I have to re-upload the earlier image to reinstate it?

(I have to present the site to the Reunion Committee soon, and don't want to take a chance of messing up the look we have now.)


PS: Meanwhile, at least I was led to be able to create a site Favicon with not too much effort. It's not "pixel perfect," but recognizable (and I can get all OCD later if I feel like it)! Cool!

Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:07 PM - Response #1

You might be talking about the Page Background. This is the image on the right side of the screen saying "Golden Spike". If you want to change this image, you go to the Change Colors page.

I am not sure what else you are asking.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 9:35 PM - Response #2
Weber High Building from diploma - no flag - downsampled.jpg

Thanks! The "Page Background" was exactly what I was looking for.

Which leaves me wondering, so what is the "School Photo" then? Is it that greyed out image that appears in the banner behind the Class name at the top of the page?

Or is it the drawn image we've placed in upper left corner (attached)?

Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 11:49 PM - Response #3

The attached image is the school photo.

The "School Logo" is the "W" with the suit of armor in the top-left corner of your website. It also has the word "Weber" in the "W"

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