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Custom Theme Editing?

Forums: Suggestions and Feedback
Created on: 10/24/09 10:59 AM Views: 1594 Replies: 1
Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 10:59 AM

There is a post in July 2008 mentioning this. Again checking to see where it is in the todo list.

My request here is to take one of the themes and offer (for a fee?) to change out components of the theme. Not a redesign, but (in the case of the 60's theme, for example) change the album cover, change the JFK picture to another, change the vehicle, change the moon landing scene, change the Woodstock 'ticket'.

I could provide the images, Class Creator could resize, rotate and drop them in.

Since this appears to be done in Flash, might it be possible to have those images picked up from a sub-folder within our images folder making the customization automated and done on-the-fly?

Being a '61 class, we're kind of between the James Dean and JFK era.

The cars we drove in HS might have been a '55 Chevy or a '53 Buick Skylark. The smiley face might be replaced with a PHHS homecoming pin from 1960 and the ticket might be a scan of our prom ticket (we had the Tommy Dorsey Band.)

A bit more complicated perhaps, but if images can be picked up 'on the fly' it also might be done in such a way that we could upload seasonal photos - a football game, baseball game, graduation shot that matches the current month.

I continue to be amazed by all CC does and the promises of future improvements - and appreciate your responsiveness and drive to keep your offering at the forefront.

Edited 10/24/09 11:07 AM
Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 10:29 PM - Response #1

Thanks John. Keeping up with you guys is definitely a challenge sometimes. Smile I had just mentioned in another post that we're happy to have 2 new programmrs joining us, so we're expecting their impact to be significant as we work through several hundred Task List items next year.

What you are asking for will fall under our Photoshop designs, which is one of those items we bumped way back to make way for a few dozen things we considred more important. They're on the list though, and coming when we get to those. If you search "Photoshop designs" here you can read more about what the plan is.

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