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Questions about Planner

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 05/27/09 07:47 AM Views: 1047 Replies: 2
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 7:47 AM

We are still trying to figure out how our Planner became activated when no one activated it on purpose and no one knows how or who activated it. So I have several more specific questions for you all at Class Creators . . .

1. What exactly does activate the Planner?

2. Does going on the Planner automatically turn the ACTIVATE ON button ON?

3. If one is working on the Planner, if one does NOT click SAVE, does that negate the ON feature so that when you leave the Planner the Planner is actually OFF?

4. Does SAVE have any effect on the ON/OFF feature of the Planner?

5. If I go into the Planner and turn the Planner ON and then I do not click the SAVE button or turn the Planner OFF, and then I leave the Planner function to go read Profiles and then I leave the site altogether, is the Planner ON?

6. In the same scenario, if I leave the site and just leave but I do not log out, is the Planner ON?

7. If I log out is the Planner ON?

8. Does logging out have anything to do with whether the Planner is ON or OFF?

9. Does the same administrator who turns the Planner ON have to be the one to turn it OFF for the Planner to really be OFF?

10. In other words, can one administrator, by accident, leave the Planner ON without knowing it, and then can the Planner be turned OFF by another administrator or does the same administrator who turns it ON have to be the one to turn it OFF?

11. What exactly is the SAVE button for? My understanding was that you click SAVE after each data entry or after you list each "Item for Sale" in order for it to be permanently included in our Planner.

I realize that some of these questions sound stupid to you all but we thought that we understood how the Planner worked but since we had this glitch we feel that we need to double-check everything in order to figure out what happened and so that we can keep it from happening again.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Sherry Sandridge

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 10:17 AM - Response #1

1. At the top of your Reunion Planner if you set your reunion to "active" it simply creates a link on your left navigation to your new reunion page so your Classmates can now see it.

2. No, merely going into the Planner does not activate it for you. You have to click active.

3. Yes, if you activate the Planner but never click the "Save" button at the bottom, the Planner will NOT become active. Nothing you do matters if you don't press Save when you're done.

4. No, Save does not have any effect on the active/inactive mode, other than to save whatever mode you've currently got selected.

5. Same as #3, if you don't save your page, nothing you've done saves.

6. No, leaving your page or site or logging out has anything to do with whether or not your reunion saves. Your reunion saves ONLY when you press save at the bottom.

7. No, logging out has nothing to do with whether the planner is active or inactive.

8. No. Smile

9. No, any Administrator can deactivate the Planner once it's on.

10. Any Admin can deactivate the Planner.

11. Yes, your understanding of the Save button is correct. Any time you make ANY changes to the page you need to press the Save button. It works exactly the same as any other page on your site that you edit. Nothing is saved until you press save.

I can tell you're a little disconcerted that the Planner turned on "all by itself", but, I can assure you that an Admin did in fact turn it on, and then press the Save button at the bottom. There is zero chance the Planner turned itself on. The good news is, now that you understand the active and inactive setting at the top of the Planner, you know how to easily toggle it on and off and only display it to your Classmates when ready.

Edited 05/27/09 10:19 AM
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 6:05 PM - Response #2

Thank you so much for your response!!

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