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File Vault

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 02/02/12 05:22 PM Views: 945 Replies: 1
Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 5:22 PM

Today I went to my File Vault to delete pics. I did not want any longer,I deleted all but one small pic. It still shows me with 47.91 being used. Where are the pics taking up this space?

Thanks for your help.

Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 5:27 PM - Response #1

There are really TWO file vaults. One for images (the images will be resized before saving) and one for other things (MP3, PDF, etc.)

To access the IMAGE file vault, click the IMAGE button when in the content editor, then click FILE VAULT.
To access the OTHER STUFF file vault, click the LINK button (3rd from right on 2nd row), then File Vault.

Here is what is in your OTHER STUFF file vault:
    11060.mp3    01/07/12    1,661 KB    DELETE
    11061.mp3    01/07/12    2,557 KB    DELETE
    11062.mp3    01/07/12    2,419 KB    DELETE
    11063.mp3    01/07/12    3,930 KB    DELETE
    11102.mp3    01/09/12    2,571 KB    DELETE
    11103.mp3    01/09/12    2,523 KB    DELETE
    11131.mp3    01/10/12    3,547 KB    DELETE
    11132.mp3    01/10/12    2,017 KB    DELETE
    11133.mp3    01/10/12    2,883 KB    DELETE
    11134.mp3    01/10/12    2,527 KB    DELETE
    11135.mp3    01/10/12    2,299 KB    DELETE
    closeyoureyes(1).WMV    01/05/12    4,072 KB    DELETE
    Our_Town_in_the_40’s1(1).pptx    02/02/12    5,234 KB    DELETE
    Our_Town_in_the_40’s1(2).pptx    02/02/12    5,234 KB    DELETE
    Our_Town_in_the_40’s1.pptx    02/02/12    5,234 KB    DELETE
    Slide1.JPG    02/02/12    72 KB    DELETE
    Slide3.JPG    02/02/12    56 KB    DELETE

If you are still linking to any of these objects, you probably don't want to delete them. For example, the WIDGET, Music Player might be using the MP3 files.

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