Friday, August 10, 2018 at 3:11 PM

This is sort of a request or looking for a work around.
Currently I receive a notification of a postings on the "Messages" page (CC Calls it "What's New) in my private e-mail(which CC directs my e-mails to). I like this feature. What is confusing is when I click on the "...More", I am taken to our Website but at the Top of the Message thread of whom stated the thread. I would like to be taken directly to the post where it left off, instead it's buried in with all the other posts. I have resorted to using the "Find" feature of my browser. I am interested if others have a more eloquent way of finding where the e-mail notification of the post on our website left off. Scrolling through the posts works when the thread is small, but some of our discusses of late are quite long. I know that (in some cases, not all) the most recent posts are highlighted in yellow, but it's still time consuming.