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Reunion Planner Registration vs. Profile Reunion Attendance

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Created on: 05/17/14 08:27 AM Views: 656 Replies: 2
Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 8:27 AM
40 RU Attendees 05.15.14.xlsx

CC Team - I saw Brad's partial response to my question on another thread here

Here is my more specific concerns and questions concerning the registrations from the Reunion Planner vs the intent to register from an individual's profile.

On May 15 I pulled Attendance data from the RU Planner and then also pulled Classmate profile data and saw that there were many more who had indicated on their profile that they would attend than had actually registered and paid. I understand that signifying attendance on the profile is merely an INTENT to attend and not really a paid registration.

However, when I cross checked names from one list to another I noticed some anomalies -

From the Profile side:
51 people have said they will attend but hadn't registered. An additional
2 people said they would attend but I know for a fact that one of them has registered (me) and another has not registered (so that's one of the weird things I noticed).
6 profiles who said they would not attend but in fact, 5 of them have registered and paid (another inconsistency)
So thats 59 profiles saying they would attend and 6 of them have actually registered and paid.
And then we have to net out 4 teachers because they're comped.
That leaves 49 classmates attendees who said on their profile that they wanted to and may or may not have registered and payed.

My assumption is that the default response on the Profile side is "No - I will not attend" and that only changes to Yes if the person actively responds and states that they will. Is my assumption correct?

From the Reunion Planner side:
23 Registrations (19 paid, 3 comp guests, 1 unpaid)

I've attached an Excel file where I cross check the two sides. Columns A through I is data pulled from the Profile side. Columns J & K is data I pulled from the Reunion Planner side. Looking at the data may be the best way to understand the discrepancies I'm talking about.

It seems to me that there isn't any linkage between the RU Planner registration function and the profile "intent to attend" function and this drives the discrepancy in the numbers. Has this been fixed in the new Event Planner (which has or will replace the older Reunion Planner that I'm currently using)?

I guess one important thing I've picked out of this and from Brad's response is that it might be a very good idea to email all the classmates who indicated on their profile that would attend but who have not actually registered and paid for any events.

My apologies for such a long winded "question" but I'm a data analysis geek (its what I do for a living). Smile Thank you.

Edited 05/17/14 8:27 AM
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 1:39 PM - Response #1


Sorry for the delay in response. We are knee deep in trying to get the new version of the Event Planner ready for beta launch. The reality is that once we do complete a full launch of the new Event Planner, we will be phasing out the current Reunion Planner and we have already cut any development on the current Reunion Planner to critical error type projects. The new Event Planner is being worked on by developers and once the structure is available, it will be released first without reports... but with reports to follow shortly thereafter. This is due to knowing that when the Event Planner is first released that there will be no data to generate reports until event are actually planned, scheduled and registrations made with the new system... therefore we feel it right to get the tool into the admins hands as soon as possible to help us work out any kinks and then follow up with the completed reports and nametag systems. I will be sure that the developer has the above information available so that it can be taken into consideration for the new reporting system.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 8:23 PM - Response #2

Scott, no need to apologize. I'm glad I was able to help by pointing out this issue so you could take into consideration for the new Event Planner. Don't worry about not updating the current Reunion Planner. No sense in putting development resources into a product that's going to be sunset in the near future (do I sound like I work in tech also?) LOL. Thanks for your response.

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