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Admin functions

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 08/12/10 02:00 AM Views: 1402 Replies: 1
Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 2:00 AM

I read in the FAQs that if the Root Administrator names someone else as an admin, that person can't name others as admin. But that is exactly what happened with mine. I named one other and he gave privileges to 5 other people.

Now I am wondering, could they take away my admin privileges? Because they never paid for the site they asked me to put up for the reunion and now i'm worried they'll kick me off it altogether

Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 8:43 AM - Response #1

Only YOU as the "Root Administrator" can see the link "Preferences" under "Admin Functions". It is under Preferences that YOU can change who will be the Root Administrator. If you were to make another the Root Administrator, then only that person could return that function to you or give it to someone else.

See this function by clicking here (Use your BACK button to return to this thread.)

When you give Admin access to another person, you determine what admin functions they have control over. You can edit those functions at any time, by visiting Manage Classmates, Edit/Edit Classmates and click on their Details, scroll down to the Admin choices and add or take away functions -- including removing them as an admin.

Once you make someone an Administrator, they do not have the power to make someone else an Administrator. They MIGHT give another person their own email address and their password and that other person could perform the admin functions that you gave the first person. But they cannot make another person an admin.

Only if they signed on as YOU -- with your email address and your password, could they add others. Make certain you have a strong personal password that is different from the SYSTEM PASSWORD and is not easily guessed.

Visit the Details pages of those you think that someone else made as admins, scroll to the bottom of that page and verify that they are not admins. If they are, uncheck that box to remove all admin access for them.

The Root Admin has several functions reserved to them alone -- which are all found under the "Preferences" link. Among these, for example is turning on and off the IM system.

Edited 08/12/10 8:53 AM
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