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Default Photo Gallery Page

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Created on: 05/19/13 07:44 AM Views: 880 Replies: 1
Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 7:44 AM

I feel like an idiot, but I've been messing around for the last 24 hours with the photo gallery. a friend emailed me saying she was trying to upload photos not to her own profile page but to a photo gallery, and she couldn't do it. So I went to the photo gallery and the only thing on the page was some text, there was no way to add a photo. I tried several things, read a number of posts, and all the posts were talking not about the default page but about setting up a new gallery using Gallery Creator. My question is this: is the default photo gallery page (the one that comes with the site template before anything's been added) just a placeholder? I went ahead and set up a new gallery, called it community photo gallery, and I think this is going to work. I can't test it until I can get to my computer, because my iPad does not have flash player. But is this what I have to do? Usually the 'stock' pages that come with the site have functionality, but this one doesn't seem to.

Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 9:55 AM - Response #1


The default ClassCreator template doesn't have any photo galleries, but multiple photo galleries can be set up. You can set it up to have multiple left-side links to take you to multiple photo galleries or you can have multiple galleries inside of a single left-side link. Either way, it is two-step process. 1. you need to create the left-side navigational link you are going to put the photo gallery into. 2. you need to create the gallery and associate it with a left-side navigational link, give properties (name, who can upload, etc.) to the gallery.

Now that the gallery is created through the above steps, you can upload photos or if given permission, your classmates can upload photos to the gallery.

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