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Long-Term Pricing - 6 years, 11 years

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Created on: 08/10/10 03:48 PM Views: 1389 Replies: 1
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 3:48 PM

Hello, Brad --

A suggestion on long-term pricing:

I've had a website for my class since 2001. Ten months ago, I switched to ClassCreator, and I couldn't be happier (with ClassCreator, that is).

At this time, our 40th Reunion is in two months. I feel certain that ClassCreator is a big contribution to our success. It didn't take much to convince my reunion committee that we should sign up with CC for the long term. We have the funds, so now's the time to do it -- before we waste it all on things like food and decorations.

Your standard terms are 5-year and 10-year.
Can I suggest that you include 6-year and 11-year terms, or if not both then just the 11-year term ?

The idea is that we have the funds at this time to take care of the website all the way through the 2020 reunion, 10 years from now. If we can pay for 11 years now, then whoever is in charge of the website in 2020 (me ?) won't have payment for a website as a concern.

I had asked you about this once, and you said you could take an 11-year payment from me. My suggestion is that you can promote it as a no-worry solution for a class to take care of itself for years to come. Kind of like long-term care insurance.

So: How much would an 11-year package be ? Ten years is $549. Eleven years at the $54.90/yr rate comes out to $603.90, so perhaps an enticing discount would be $579 or $589 ?

Also: If we're going to sign up for another 11 years, you need to tell us what the future of the Internet is going to be. And tell us whether ClassCreator will support the Inter-X 6D quaso-reality squirtdownload technology without binding our wallscreens.

Have you set up your kids with a ClassCreator site for their future high school reunions ? It's never too early to start planning for these things, you know.

Cheers and thanks,
-- Fred

Edited 08/10/10 3:49 PM
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 5:16 PM - Response #1

Hi Fred,

Many classes sign up for one year and then move up to the multi year renewal option once they have seen the feedback from their classmates. Our largest number of 5 and 10 year renewals are from classes who either just had their reunion or are about to have their reunion and classmates have chipped in to keep the site going.

We are pretty flexible when a class needs an odd year renewal amount - for instance for a 6 year renewal we divide the 5 year rate by 5 and multiply that by 6 to come up with the renewal amount.

We're always learning and making enhancements to keep up with the latest and greatest technology for the sites. Just to be sure we are not caught off-guard by unexpected technological advances we have our programmers studying advanced holographic techniques as well as measurements of tachyon condensation in string theory to ensure your site will be functional in all dimensions.

Class Creator Support

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