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Facebook or Facebook by Class Creator

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Created on: 09/30/15 09:16 PM Views: 1087 Replies: 6
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 9:16 PM

How is everyone using Facebook for their reunion? Do you use the Class Creator Facebook Connection or do you create your own reunion page. If you create your own, do you just add a page to your personal account or do you register with a School Reunion account?


Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 2:55 PM - Response #2

That's a great question. I didn't know about a Facebook function that is connected with Class Creator. About 6 years ago one of our committee members found Class Creator and also started a Facebook page. It's a Page I think instead of a group because it doesn't require membership.

Ames High Class of 1980 Reunion is our name on Facebook.

Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 3:37 PM - Response #3

Personally, I believe in our sites for all reunion and membership based information. It is the one place our members can keep their contact information up-to-date to be sure they receive reunion information and more. That and the ability to register and pay for their registration on our sites which is not avaliable on Facebook.

I admit, before I knew about Class Creator, I started a Facebook page for my class. The year was 2009. With less than two months to go to our reunion, I found and moved our site to Class Creator. Using the Donations option, my class paid for a year within 4 days and in November answered the call to donate again taking our site subscription to 9/21/2021.

Since the addition of the Class Connection app (by Class Creator) available on Facebook, we have the option to make it active from our sites (under Preferences). Once we do, I recommend that members choose the link provided on our sites to connect their Facebook profile with their profile on the site. Once they do that, they will find the Class Connection link on Facebook. When on Facebook, clicking on the Class Connection link will take our members directly and securely into our sites. They will see the 'wrapper' of Facebook but will no longer be on Facebook.

There are members who believe that Facebook is the only place they need to be. Their family, friends and colleagues are all there. With that in mind, the Class Connection app does not require them to open another tab or window to get to our sites. They click on the link to open our sites and will be able to return to their Facebook timeline or news feed with a simple click on their name for timeline or 'Home' for news feed.

All of this is to say that I prefer and suggest that we not build Facebook group pages for our members or if you do, keep info to a minimum with links to the site. Be sure to give them the 'how to' connect to your site with Class Connection. There is a teaching/learning curve to this but once they have it... you are better off than if you have a Facebook page which (in my opinion) says that your web site simply is not important and also discounts the members on the site who are not on Facebook.

Bring the conversations to your sites to include ALL members - not only those on Facebook.

This ends my personal thoughts regarding our sites and Facebook group pages. I now return you to the rest of this topic. Wink

Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 9:41 PM - Response #4

Well said, Gwen.

Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 11:15 PM - Response #5

IMO FB and CCFB are very different animals. They operate very differently and offer a very different interaction methodology.

They can (and should) both co-exist since they serve (to me) a very different purpose. CC is first and foremost (again to me) a way to organize a Reunion (or organize a group of people for events). IOW, the WN interaction thing was an afterthought and is still pretty limited in that regard vs FB.

As it says on CC

Connect your Classmates and Plan Amazing Class Reunions Here

One doesn't really plan Reunions or similar on FB since there are no tools there to easily do that (as there are on CC). But there are great interaction tools on FB to distribute information to ALL your "friends". Much easier than CC.

FBCC is another page 'embedded' as a totally separated page. IOW there is no integration into the FB community as such.

This is like picking the appropriate tools for doing a job. CC is very good at Reunions, FB is very good at interactions with 'friends'. All my classmates are not "friends" and most could care less about my pictures & posts Cool

BOTH serve a purpose and neither can replace the other.

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