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Slow web site

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Created on: 07/04/12 04:37 PM Views: 1879 Replies: 16
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 4:37 PM

With heavy heart and disgruntled attitude I am seriously thinking of ending or just letting my CC subscription run out. It has nothing to do with the other admins here or CC. It is "Classmates" I am attaching a graph I took from the statistics page. I have hardly any traffic on our web page. I feel I have done all I could do to draw traffic. Several of the classmates have told me they feel F/B is sufficient for keeping in contact. Well I don't , I hope things change before our subscription runs out. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated .

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:21 PM - Response #1

What I have found is the classmates will flock to the site when you post pictures of events. Our class tries to get together for a night out every quarter. I make sure to take pictures and post them on our galleries. I then send out an email blast letting our peers know about the pictures. For several days the number of individuals logging on to see the pictures increase dramatically. Then after about 10 days, the traffic slows.

That is my history. Very Happy


Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:25 PM - Response #2

Your site looks great to me. You are three years past the 40 Year Reunion and two years out from a 45 Year (if you have one). Plus it is summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumpin' ... etc.
You have put a lot of work into the site; I wouldn't give up yet. Maybe get some other classmates to offer ideas such as 60s songs in a playlist.
Or just let it sit for the summer.

I do see an extra "Rick Jacobs" link.
Hang in there.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:43 PM - Response #3

We have just under 300 classmates who are registered on our site, out of a class of close to 600, and 54 are deceased.
Depending on the time of year, a monthly average might be as low as one to five a day.
I too post pictures occasionally of get-together's, and will email the class, asking that they click on a particular link to see them.
I try NOT to send out too many classwide emails, for fear of burnout.
I used to get discouraged at that low daily 'attendance,' but putting things into perspective, many DID show up for the last reunion [first one since I started the site] and for the most part, everyone is keeping their info. up to date.
Whenever I email the class, and I get a bounce-back, I contact that person via my personal email, and if it is still bad, I phone them.
I send every class member a birthday greeting, I send out notices when someone dies [after posting to the In Memory page], and this is some of the ways some folks come to the site.
The reunion committee agreed with my thinking, so long as classmates keep their info. up to day, so they can be notified of reunions, they don't have a problem with low numbers.
Are you funding the site yourself, or does the class help pay expenses?
We had a Facebook page one time, but most of us signed off, wanting to contact each other via the web site.
Hope this might give you some ideas and reconsider letting the site go by the wayside.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:47 PM - Response #4

How long has your site been up? You've had almost 1200 visits, what do you expect!? You have to constantly be posting content or there's no reason for anyone to come back.

It's like the three most important things in selling real estate are location, location, location. But in this case it's pictures, pictures, pictures. People want to look at other people. Have members send picture and put them up.

Your site is easily found on Google, right near the top, so that's not the problem. Summertime and the living is easy. It could be there's no interest. That happens. If your class isn't interested enough to spend ten bucks a month to keep your site live that explains a lot. If the people running it don't care, why should anyone else. Sorry to perhaps sound critical but free advice is worth what you paid.

Without being able to read your content it's pretty hard to give real advice. Your committee or someone needs to spend some time contacting "missing" members and get them onboard.

Seriously, if you don't post on a regular basis and send emails so members know to go, you're wasting your time. One more thing, don't expect many comments on how nice your site is or thanks for all your hard work. You won't get many.

If you build a good site people will come, at least once.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:47 PM - Response #5

I agree with the other comments. I don't worry much in between reunions. How many were in your class? Other than obits of classmates parents we have nothing going on. We had a classmate with cancer last year and did a lot of posts related to that but that's about it. I just checked my stats and we have 200 emails addresses and 150 who have created a profile and my logins are as bad as yours. Smile I don't send out a mass email unless it is important. When I send out important info traffic spikes. We all have a life. This is only a small part of it unless there is a reason for us to all come together. Then it's there for us and is a fantastic tool.

Watterson 1966

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:48 PM - Response #6

Hello Danny!

Ditto what George and Tom (above) both said! Your site is great and there is always a lull between events or new postings. I have been having about the same no traffic results lately, but at our 30 year reunion last July 2011, had two separate classmates that were and are still wanting to begin ANNUAL events and open it up to all alumni interested... one in August called Lake Day (meet and visit at a lake in the state) and the other simply a Fall Picnic on the farm of one of the classmates. We just today posted a poll and sent out an email about the Lake Day event (to determine which day between a Friday or Saturday in August is best for attendance), which I fully expect will generate traffic on the site and may even create new guest members on our site (from other class years alumni).

In addition, I believe although facebook is good for those that prefer it for socializing and keeping in touch, it does not provide the ability to "email members of the class", at least not with any certainity that you know they got the message, nor does it allow you to "take registrations for an event", especially not PAID registrations. Nor does it allow the ability to really take polls / surveys. Not to mention create graphics and layouts of information in a manner of your choice. Furthermore, there is the lack of privacy. There are just too many GOOD OPTIONS that CC sites provide, that I cannot imagine trying to utilize facebook for our Class site. I encourage you to stick it out and enjoy your summer, as are probably all of your site members. Activity on the site will pick up when necessary, and it will be worth holding on to in the long run.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best!
Marla Bryan

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:51 PM - Response #7

Good idea about the birthday greetings. I send them out every day a classmate has a birthday. Everyone seems to love that!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 7:01 PM - Response #8

I use FB and C.C. I take pictures at our monthly class breakfast or around our home town, anything I can think of.. Then I post on our 1960 class FB page that there are new pictures on the class website. That sparks some activity. I have an average of 5 to 8 people a day log onto the website..

There were 193 in our class,45 are deceased. 79 classmates have profiles, out of the 79, probably about 48 are active, plus there's 49 guests. Some check the website every day, some once or twice a month. I always change content at the end of each month, so there's lots of visits during the first week.

Also, my classmates are good about sending birthday greetings to each other through the website.. I've had a classmate tell me she received more Happy Birthday's from the class website, than she did greeting cards in the mail.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 7:19 PM - Response #9

Sorry, I forgot something.... I always put something new to do, also. A quiz about music, sports, movies, etc., of the 50's.. This month I put a Find A Word puzzle . My system pw is hotdog1960, if you want to look around..

BTW, we were and still are the Frankfort Hot Dogs !! Very Happy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 8:23 PM - Response #10

Don't feel alone in your feelings of discouragement! We've all (or most) have been somewhere along that road at one time or another, and for our site, well, many days it's "just me" who checks in! If it weren't for other admins and curiosity seekers, we would have no traffic at all!
It's summer, many are distracted with other things and many in our "class" find that FB is their answer for everything!
In my stubborn Viking heart, I believe that we are "called" to these admin positions in the bigger picture to facilitate "communication", although many days it seems most futile! It always seems darkest before the dawn!
It may just be the one you least suspect of appreciating your efforts, but keep the faith and persevere. As you look forward to your "next reunion", your site will help you plan things and communicate in a more trusted way, as opposed to the very public FB, and the nature of the site.
I've had minimal luck with our class communicating with me, or responding to surveys,polls,forums, has been a cause of angst, yet in the big picture, many have said that they have "found" that one friend that they had "lost" contact with, reconnected in new ways,etc with others and perhaps now have a bigger picture (or world view!) than they had before. The "monthly" birthday wish/newsletter is something that I've found gets a bit more response, although still rather minimal...but in the big picture, you are on a Mission from Above! It may take years to find out the "reason", but it is there...Don't give up!
You can find pictures on of your local sights,perhaps, and there are always fun jokes to, both old and new are always a hit, at least for awhile. Post a link to your hometown newspaper, "steal" pictures from those classmates on FB and post them in your gallery, "just for fun"!!! Let them know that you are borrowing them of course!!! Start a page of "Stuff you send", encouraging others to send you their jokes, news, fun updates,etc...or a page to remind others to keep those in need in their thoughts and prayers, and maybe send an e-mail or two. Many are going thru trials we have little knowledge of and I am trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt!
I am reminded to remind others to "appreciate" what they have in their friendships,etc. Years ago, I "joined the Navy to see the world" and only return to the little town "called home" on a rare occasion, but the locals have rarely tried to get together with those in town, so it gives me a challenge...we have some on FB who refuse to join the site but will post too much information about everything on fb, so go figure.
I try to remember everyone's "posted" birthdays, and send them a "copy" of their "card", as most do not even check in on the site for their "card", but someday I will see the rationale behind all this and realize that it was a small investment in the Big Picture! Most days it is a quandary as to the "why"...Hopefully time will tell!
In the meantime, don't stay discouraged for too long! Take a "break" from the stress of worrying about the site and trust your basic instincts, and try something new or outside the box that might work to excite you and your class!
Don't let the clouds stop your sunshine!!!
No rain, No rainbows, as the Hawaiians say!
Keep looking up, that's where the rainbows are!

p.s. You will be amazed at the "success" your reunion will be because you started the web site!! Although you may not feel like it now, you will be "The Rock Star"! Hands down, the only "real" reason that our last reunion was the "best ever" was due to the ability of our classmates to alleviate their anxiety about coming to the reunion thru reading other's profiles, checking out pictures,etc and realizing that there was "nothing to fear" but fear itself! We had so many that had "never been to a reunion before" that it was heartwarming and most special! Those that "facebooked" the evening from "home" still wish that they showed up to enjoy the FUN and friendship, and all the Love that others felt, just because people "showed up"! Your efforts and invested energy are irreplaceable and you will see the benefit of your hard work!!! Hang in there! The Best is Yet to Come!!!

Edited 07/04/12 10:23 PM
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 10:33 PM - Response #11

There are times when traffic slows but there is always someone coming back after a 3 to 4 month of being off of the site. Traffic is generated by everything you are doing now, the trick is to get more of the computer literate involved. You would be shocked at how how many of the class does not own a computer or a cell phone. The numbers are on here somewhere and it is unbelievable. Take heart your site is all that you can do aside from buying computers for all of those that don't have them. Stay at it and hang in there, your site is excellent.
Very Happy

Edited 07/04/12 10:38 PM
Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 8:27 AM - Response #12

In looking at the content our CC Web Site, more development needs to take place. The number of missing Classmates should have a top priority and you do not have enough pictures posted to create excitement. You must identify the most common interests of your Classmates and develop your Web Site in the direction of their common interests. Our Web Site went on line in in December 2009, and we are approching 9,000 log-ons. Traffic is steady, there is no music, games and no widgets, only things of pure value make the cut for the Web Site. If you are orriented to one event, a Class Reunion, you will not have substantial traffic between events. We had a 50th Class Reunion in 2011 and since that time, a Mid Winter Fellowship Luncheon, 50 attended at the Golden Corral, cost about $8.00, no boring speakers, pictures of every member present is posted to our Web Site, and it generated much traffic. We had a cruise to the Bahamas, on December 17, 2012, cost, $299.00 plus Air fare, pictures posted, much traffice generated, On October 2, 2012, three (3) days in Las Vegas at Harrah's, $134.00 for three (3) nights, Five Classmates will be there that we have not seen in 50 years, most of the excitement is generated by our "Robust" Picture Gallery. In the year 2013, our next Class Reunion is in Chicago, in March 2014, we arrive in Rome, Italy, go to Greece, Turkey, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel, Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt, Cruise back to Rome and fly bact to where ever we departed from all over the United States. The cost of this trip is about $1,600.00 plus Air Fare. We could not coordinate these these things effectively without Class Creator, it is the best thing that has happened to us. I am Old School and do not know how to effectively tap into the power of being able to use this Web Site effectively. A substantially large part of our 1961 Class do not own computers but we take advantage of what we have and appreciate it. Class Creator is the most cost effective means of communication that I have seen in recent years and you have control of your own destiny, and most of all, the ability to communicate with the designers of the Web Site and make improvements recommended by the paid membership. I am not going to edit this, I am at McDonalds and my power has been out for five (5) days due to weather related storms.

Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 8:47 PM - Response #13

I just want to take a little time to thank everyone for their help and concerns . I have talked myself blue in the face but our classmates seem like they don't want to take the time to click on stuff to see what is being done on our web site . I am the one who has total control on the web site , I asked for no financial help on the site , paid for it myself. I took suggestions on what to put on there . I may sound selfish but it was my money and my many hours of work and all I asked for was people to visit . So I have decided to let the site expire . But I do want to say that the people here and the people of CC are tremendous . The site programs are great to work with and the help is AWESOME. I will keep checking back to see if there might be a way to make a web site for my family here , I do have that idea running around in my head right now.

Thanks so much to everyone Laughing

Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 9:04 PM - Response #14

Sorry to read of your decision Danny. I have often felt the same way, so I do understand completely! Perhaps someone from your class will come forward and give you a "reason" to continue your quest....I am sure that the appreciation is there, although you may not feel it very often. Hope you get some feedback soon and some w=encouraging words from your group...too bad much of what we take for granted in Life is gone before some realize if they had only spoken up and encouraged the efforts, it may have changed so much.
Have a great summer and don't let others steal your Joy or your Smile!
Best of everything in whatever lies ahead!
The Best is Yet to Come!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012 at 7:04 PM - Response #15

Danny - I just looked at your site. Your class is only 3 years older than ours with very few who have joined your site. We started our site the end of December and have had over 18,000 visits. But, we also have a 40-Year reunion next weekend which has been the driving force. Here are some suggestions:

1. Start a Facebook page for your class!
2. Locate as many classmates as you can through FB, Internet searches and any other means possible. You need classmates to join the website!!! You can pump up the website on your FB page after you get the FB page rolling. Once you have a lot of classmates on FB, they can help find deceased classmates to post that info on the In Memory page. You don't have an In Memory link on your homepage. Why not?

I really don't expect any traffic on our CC web site once the reunion is over. But, it is available for those who want to post family pics, etc. on their profile pages and for those who just want to take a vist once in awhile to check out the profiles for updates.

If you can keep your site going, you definitely should ask for donations to support it. If people have a few dollars invested in the site, they may use it. You have 40 people (I can't remember) who have joined - heck $3 each from them would keep it going for a year. I say, ask them for a few bucks! : ) Good Luck!

Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 4:11 PM - Response #16

Danny, I started the Anadarko Class of 1960 website about 2 years ago. Before the 50th reunion the traffic was literally intense. It continued so for several months afterwards. Then it began to slow down like most all our websites do. Like others, I keep interesting notices on the website, 60s music automatically starts, and I continue to get peaks and valleys of website hits. Sometimes 8-15 hits a day, sometimes 1.

But you know what, they do use it, they love it, and they constantly send me donations to defray costs. I have had small donations of $25, and I have had some GREAT donations of $100, $200 and even one person donated $300 (and asks if I need more). They all know that even small donations make a difference. RESULT, I was the very first Platinum Member paid in full for 10 Years!!! My site is going to year 2021, or when I'm too old to type with my arthritic fingers (whichever first)

P.S. - I actually have started 3 different Class Creator sites. My class first for 1960, followed each year for 1961, and 1962. The classes of 1960 and 1961 use the site a lot. My new class of 1962 seems to be bit different group of people, in just those few short years difference. Class of 1962 have LOT's on Facebook, but only a few are joining the website. Gradually though 1962 is coming over through word of mouth. Just a bit slower than my other 2 classes.

Edited 07/29/12 4:17 PM
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