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Add empty "div id= " in strategic locations + all pages have a "user" section

Forums: Suggestions and Feedback
Created on: 02/18/11 12:51 PM Views: 1165 Replies: 1
Friday, February 18, 2011 at 12:51 PM

I've solved most of my variable page width issues and used the "Google Analytics" area to propagate some overrides to all the pages. However, some things still require individual mods per page (since I can't access the "right" location) or the page does not have any user editable page.

If there were a few strategically located enmpty "div id='user1', user2, etc located on a page these could be used to insert user material in a very easy manner - through a script in Google Analytics for global or per page. The technical knowledge is easy to learn (easier than the 'falling leaves" script). I bet a lot of users could learn how to do this and be amazed at what they can do.Exclamation

The other thing is to provide a user defined area for ALL pages (the CKeditor). That allows us to provide a custom message and class information for all the pages. For example, the Profiles page lacks clear instructions and having a user defined section would provide an easy fix with our own wording (or custom wording in general). PLUS another area to provide me a place to control the page (besides the "div").

Hope you give this some consideration since these mods give an enormous leverage in page design working off your excellent base.Razz

Monday, February 21, 2011 at 2:48 PM - Response #1

These are some very interesting ideas and they have been categorized and added to our future ideas log. However we have so many other big projects going on right now, that these have to be considered for future development.

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