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Friends (Not the tv show)

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Created on: 11/09/10 02:41 PM Views: 1254 Replies: 1
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 2:41 PM

A recently departed classmate (oldest friend) who attended our last class reunion gave me an idea.
She had wished that some classmates would have attended (that were members our class website) but did not.
I was wondering if there could be some sort of Friends that I want to see at the Reunion indicator. The one doing this MUST already indicate they're going. That shoots that Friend a message if they're a member or when they finally sign up.
Just a thought.

Thanks for all your great work..Scott

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 2:56 PM - Response #1

Scott -

You could add a field to the Profile "Best Friends from High School". Send out an email announcing the new field and asking registered users to update their profiles.

Other site visitors can view the answers to those new profile questions and they can also interact by email through the website:

I'm picturing some of the possibilities here:


"Hey Brad!!! I said you were one of my best friends back in the day in MY profile -- but you didn't name me in yours!" Evil or Very Mad


"Hi Sally -- I saw that you remembered me from our HS daze together as a 'best friend'. I'm single (again) let's see if we can meet up at the Reunion!" Wink

I like it, Scott. Don't forget to remind people that they can subscribe to specific profiles from old friends and get emails when they register, when they update their profile and before their birthday. Razz

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