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Once reunion is over

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Created on: 03/22/09 09:18 PM Views: 1227 Replies: 4
Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 9:18 PM

How often do you guys update your site? I update mine 3-4 times a week to peak people's interests. For those of you whose reunion is over, how often do you update your site?

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 10:03 PM - Response #1

Hi Debbie.

I'm always adding something new to my site and think about removing things after a week or two. Like you, I believe you have to keep it fresh. If people get used to seeing something different every time they Log On, they Log On more often. It's not easy to maintain interest as you're competing with all the other sites your Classmates visit and with all the other things they've got to do in their busy lives.

There's no point a Classmate logging on to find that they've read it all before. The main purpose of the school site is to re-unite people and get them to share their interest in the school. When you've got an event like a reunion coming up people are forever logging on to see how things are progressing but when the euphoria dies down and they've only got the next one to look forward to you have to find a way of maintaining their interest.

My school closed 40 years ago so, as you can imagine, my site users are between the ages of 50 to our oldest contributor, who is 82. We don't need chat rooms and the like, which are a good excuse for younger people to use your site, so I make up for it with lots of humour and I research anything to do with the school's history etc; that not everyone might know about.

Having said that, you've still got to give them a reason to visit your site so they can see the changes you're making. I've learned not to set my hopes too high and expect everyone to Log On as often as I do but I still try to give them a site that is interesting and ever-changing, just in case they do. The feedback I get tells me that what I do is appreciated and that makes all the unpaid effort I put in even more worthwhile.

Good luck with yours. Take a look at mine if it helps.

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 10:13 PM - Response #2

I try to update at least weekly. We had a 35th reunion picnic in June. I started the site in September and we have been looking for classmates since then. Starting in November we do mini reunions. If someone comes to town from out of state we have a mini reunion at one of the local restaurants. We get about 15-20 people who attend. I post on the home page the information and who is confirmed to be coming. Then I take pictures and post them the day of the get together or a couple days after. Once the pictures are posted I send out a mass email that the pictures are posted. That day is our most visited day!! We have had a mini reunion every month since November. We look forward to the next chance to get together. In June we have another classmate from out of town coming and we are planning a huge picnic. The mini reunions don't cost us anything to put together. Of course the class has been apart since the 15 year reunion so they are thrilled with the opportunity to get back in touch.

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 10:24 PM - Response #3

My reunion is in the fall. I do try to either add something, change something, change the order. I think holidays can be an easy way to change your website.

This is all well and good because I am on a mission to get as many classmates to our 40th reunion as possible. But I am too old to put some of the games on (there weren't invented when we were in school) and searching for widgets gets to be tiring.

So if someone is making a list of things needed: a list of places for good widgets that don't involve going through useless widgets that are intended for 10 year olds or people who still think like 10 year olds. Widgets may not be the right term, but I would like to add interesting things that are appropriate for mature website users.

I must add that I have gotten great responses from classmates about our site. I have put much time to make it an interesting place to go. But I feel like the man spinning the plates on the sticks on Ed Sullivan. I am waiting for all of the plates to start falling when I can't keep up. K

Monday, March 23, 2009 at 10:58 AM - Response #4

I have a daily Sudoku that I got from I don't know if anyone other than myself ever plays though. Guess I'll have to do a poll!

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