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Disappearing Photos

Forums: Questions and Answers About Building Your Site
Created on: 06/11/10 01:04 PM Views: 1073 Replies: 1
Friday, June 11, 2010 at 1:04 PM

I have maybe three photos in my Nostalgia section that continue over time to disappear and leave me a box with a green puzzle piece in the center. I believe that it is the same 2 or 3 photos, and that they are sized OK to fit there. Can someone take a look and let me know if there is a way to keep them visible?

Friday, June 11, 2010 at 1:16 PM - Response #1

The green puzzle piece only shows up in the Content Editor window. It shouldn't show up on your home page. The green puzzle piece is only for embedded objects. Embedded objects NEVER show up in the Content Editor - they aren't supposed to.

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