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Your system is a 20 out of 10!

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Created on: 07/13/08 10:45 PM Views: 1278 Replies: 1
Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 10:45 PM

First of all, I am having a blast with the site! I had some questions and emailed and called your customer service line and have had great help and responses so far, so thank you for creating such an awesome place for FREE and making it so EASY to get a class site together!

I have a small high school class (39) and started late on our 20th reunion. We've decided to have it next year and the only reason I am not getting a quick response from my class to sign up is because I started contacting every one through Facebook first before I found you (I CURSE THE DAY!) and they are being lazy : ) But because of the reunion planner on Class Creator I am urging them all to come over to the other side.

I am still getting to know all the bells and whistles on this and I have looked at other class sites through Class Creator and love what they are doing and I am taking notes on the things I like and I am just starting to get to know how to do those things I like. I am still trying to upload pictures to my site and have to go back and re-scan them because they are too big and will not upload. That is one thing I am having trouble with, but I did call your customer service on that.

If there is a tutorial somewhere on your site where I can watch some videos about how to create things as well as written instructions, that would help me out a lot. I am a "hands on" kind of learner where I need to see it happen as I am being taught.

Thank you so much!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

RATE IT ALL A 20 out of 10!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 10:48 PM - Response #1

Why thank you Tracy. Very Happy

Due to the numerous recent changs all help videos are being recut. Look for the new help video series under the Help Videos link shortly.

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