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Domain Transfer from GoDaddy - Questions

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 02/28/21 11:38 AM Views: 108 Replies: 2
Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 11:38 AM

I created an enomcentral account with a view to transferring our domain from GoDaddy. We are interested in doing this to simplify administration for the CHS65 administrators who come after us. Although I've read some of the forum questions and responses, I have some questions.

1. Will transferring our domain to eNom be transparent to our users? That is, will there be any time that users cannot access the site during the transfer? Will users still be able to enter the URL in their browsers and go directly to our Class Creator site?

2. Do we need to buy the Secure certificate if our domain is registrered at eNom or is that part of the CC service?

3. How will CC know about this transfer?

4. Will there be an additional item on the ADMIN FUNCTIONS menu that pertains to our domain once it is transferred to eNom? (We already have Manage Domain.)

I've read the instructions from GoDaddy and eNom regarding domain transfers and it seems this task can be accomplished by mere mortals like me. Of course you'll be hearing from me if I'm overly optimistic. Smile Thanks for your help.

Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 5:50 PM - Response #1

I am looking for more information about the domain transfer also. Our domain has been registered with GoDaddy years and I thought there might be some benefit to registering it with I called and talked with a support person at and he had no idea about the relationship between ClassCreator and or Enom. The information in the FAQ does not match the website or the Enom support rep information.

Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 7:54 PM - Response #2

Hi Kate and Lee,

We are working on updating a lot of FAQs and videos on the system.

Enom has us handle our own support - they gave us a control panel for setting up accounts so they connect to the class sites directly. Their generic phone support won't have that level of detail sometimes. I can set up an account for you to ensure it is under the umbrella of our accounts so we will be able to assist you. Do you both want the accounts set up with the email addresses you are using as your login?

The transfer process goes pretty smoothly. There are some steps you need to do such as unlock the domain at Godaddy, Get the transfer key code from them and begin the transfer process under the account at

One thing to note with any domain transfer is that the receiving registrar ( in this case, however, it is the same at all registration companies) has to pay for one year as part of the transfer process - it adds that year to any existing time you have on the domain, however, it is worth noting that is part of the process. I'll address your items by number above.

1. Transferring is very transparent to the end user. When the transfer process is near completion we are emailed of an incoming domain and we are able to make sure it is connected to the site for you and pointing to the new name servers it needs to point to - we take care of it as part of that notification process from enom. This notice comes just before the domain is fully released from Godaddy so we can have everything in place as that final step completes.

2. Secure Certificates are related to yet separate from your domain name so yes it is still needed - you can get one with us even if your domain is at an outside registrar like Godaddy - transferring it over just moves the domain over - it doesn't affect the need for a secure certificate.

3. We receive a notification as the transfer is completing and we are able to go into the control panel they provide for us to assist our customers so we can make any necessary changes to the domain just as the transfer is completing.

4. Your Manage Domain will look a tiny bit different. It will have an option for viewing the status of your domain and you will be able to renew your domain directly within the Manage Domain > Renew Your Domain section (you don't see this now because your domain is not in the enom system under a sub-account we have access to yet. This is why it is important for us to set up the account for you to make sure it is connected. All I need to set it up is the email address you want to use and the name and contact information if you have a preference - I can use contact information from your site if you would like. If you want to send other details for the account setup you can send it to and I can add all contact information in exactly the way you want it from that detail if it is different from what you have listed in your profile.t t

Let me know if you would like me to setup the account for you to ensure it is connected to the site.

Class Creator Support

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