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Blast from the Past Audio Problem?

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 11/22/09 01:34 PM Views: 1330 Replies: 1
Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 1:34 PM

Here's an email message from a classmate who sent me some audio tracks, "It works, but it is not anywhere near as seamless as everything else on the site. When I select a track, Windows Media Player is launched on my computer. When I exit the player, the web page is blank and I must click the back tab to get to the "Blast from the Past" page."

I don't think I'm having that problem. In IE, when the track is over, I close it and it stays right on the site. Can you see an error in my posting process?

The tracks are located about mid way down the page under the title, CLASS OF 1962 TEACHERS AND STUDENTS

Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 8:49 PM - Response #1

Holey smokes, that's one fine Blast From the Past page. What a nice job!

You've set up your audio links correctly. I can't explain why this person is experiencing this behavior but I don't believe most people are. As the Classmate indicated it already works fine in Internet Explorer. I'm assuming her primary browser is Firefox. When using Firefox, the normal behavior is to span a new Firefox tab with an embedded instance of the Windows Media Player like Intenet Explorer does. When done with the new tab you can just click the X to close it, and be right back on your Blast From the Past page. That's exactly how it works for me.

Instead, this person is reporting that the entire page is blank when done with the audio. Can't reproduce it, no clue why. It could have something to do with her Firefox browser settings. Also make sure she upgrades the latest and greatest copy of Firefox if she happens to be using an older Firefox.

In any case, your audio links are perfect, and there's nothing different you can do. Wish I could be of more help on this one, but there's dozens of things that could potentially cause a local computer issue so I just don't know. I'm confident virtually nobody else would be experiencing the same behavior though.

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