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New Classmate Profiles

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Created on: 05/07/09 02:59 AM Views: 1059 Replies: 1
Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 2:59 AM

During experiments with a friend who was setting up a class website, I proceeded to click on a classmate name to add a profile. I was suprised when I could actually set up a profile for that person, when I'm not really that person. We had one classmate complain that a profile had been set up for him with terrible things written on his profile. Is there any way to fix this, so that you really have to be the person in order to set up a profile?

Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 10:22 AM - Response #1

Hi Leann,

You can go to your Preferences page, and scroll down to
"New Classmate Access Rights".

There you can click "Do Not Allow"

DO NOT ALLOW new subscribing Classmates to view password protected areas of the web site, access any restricted Classmate Profiles, post messages in message forums, and hide Profile information from other Classmates until the new Classmate's identity has been verified and confirmed. (Note: If you select this option, a new "Verified" field will appear in the Classmate's Profile area that only you, the Site Administrator, can see. When a new Classmate joins your site and the Classmate's identify has been confirmed, toggle the "Verified" field to "yes". The default will remain "no" until you do this. Once toggled to "yes" the new Classmate will be granted access to restricted areas of your site.

There is a Help link there also to give you ideas about how to verify classmates. The link takes you to the Class Creator FAQ. The info is near the bottom of the page, under "Questions About Privacy".
You can also password protect your Classmate Profiles page, which requires anyone who wants to join your site to contact you to get your system password.

Edited 05/07/09 11:07 AM
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