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DECEASED redundant

Forums: Suggestions and Feedback
Created on: 09/15/10 12:51 PM Views: 1923 Replies: 8
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 12:51 PM

On the IN MEMORY page - is it really necessary to state that each person is deceased. Wouldnt it be cleaner to just show:

George Marques (1973)
Steve Marquis (2001)
Steve Martin (1995)
Robert Matthews
Charles Mezzell, Jr. (1989)
Terry Parker (Morris) (2010)

Rather than

George Marques (Deceased 1973)
Steve Marquis (Deceased 2001)
Steve Martin (Deceased 1995)
Robert Matthews
Charles Mezzell, Jr. (Deceased 1989)
Terry Parker (Morris) (Deceased 2010)

In the case of Robert Matthews - perhaps add the text "Year Unknown"

Would love the ability to turn on the picture on the list page similar to the way its done on the CLASSMATE PROFILE initial page

Edited 09/15/10 12:55 PM
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 1:18 PM - Response #1

I have forwarded the format (Name/Year) idea, as well as the photo icon idea, on for consideration.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:18 PM - Response #2

We can't do either one of these things. Let me explain why:

1) Showing "deceased" before the year deceased when sorting alphabetically seems redundant. After all, you're in the In Memory section, of course the Classmate is deceased. Here's the problem and the reason we're showing "deceased" anyway: Numerous times in the past somebody was searching Google for a long lost Classmate. And up comes their name in the search results with a link to a high school class web site. Imagine people's initial excitement when they think they just found the person they're looking for alive. And then they click to discover the person has died. This happened all the time. By adding the (deceased) after the name it gets picked up that way in search results, immediately making it clear the person has died. So although technically it is redundant, the theory is that it's better to be redundant than to allow people to be found in search results in a fashion that may make them appear to be alive.

2) The In Memory page technically has no photo field that is equivalent to the Yearbook Photo field on the Classmate Profiles page. It's common for Admins to upload several photos of the Classmate in this area using the regular visual editor. It's also common for Admins to upload something other than a photo of the individual, such as a rose or a poem or things like that. The system has no way of knowing what's been added. At best we could scan the page to see if 1 or more photos have been added to the layout, and if that's the case we could show the photo icon, but what if the photo uploaded was a rose or candle or whatever? Then the photo icon would be misleading. We could add a new "Deceased photo" field and tie it to an icon here but lots of issues surface there. For instance 11,000 Admins would have to go move 1 or more photos from their current layout into the new field to make the icons appear. And they'd have to do it for every Classmate. Even if they did, they'd have less creative control of the layout because we'd have to place the deceased photo in a fixed position. Admins typically like to really have creative control over this area. It would also break the current system where the Yearbook Photo carries over to the In Memory layout unless changed by the Admin, which people like. So there's the long answer. Smile

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 11:04 PM - Response #3

If you select, Sort by: "Year Deceased" rather than "Alphabetically" it will list the Names ONLY under each year.

I just learned that we lost a dear friend from the class a year before ours. I think I'll add him to our site as a "Guest" and take advantage of the "Maiden name" appearing in parenthesis to show "(Class of 1968 )"
I know our classmates will appreciate knowing and being able to share a memory.

Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 6:57 PM - Response #4

Yes, I have a muli year site and it helps. Some people get confused and think it is referring to year of graduation. Sometimes you just have to spell it out for people

Friday, September 17, 2010 at 8:56 AM - Response #5

If I remember correctly, you are working on something called THEN AND NOW. I am guessing that this will have the ability to put the YEARBOOK picture and a specific CURRENT picture side by side. If the above is correct, how difficult would it bee to put either or both specific pictures on the IN MEMORY. I understand the complexities of stuff added to the open page. I would be happy with the SPECIFIC YEARBOOK pix being available on IN MEMORY just as it is on the CLASSMATE list. That would be no extra work for the 11000 admins

Friday, September 17, 2010 at 10:03 AM - Response #6

Oops, I have to correct myself on something I said above. There actually IS a master in memory photo field. In the past we just carried over the Yearbook photo. Now we carry the Yearbook photo over to be the In Memory master photo like we always have, you can just override what that photo by uploading a different photo with the form field there on the In Memory edit page. Unfortunately when I analyzed the current process we are using this morning I determined it's clunky and can be confusing. This calls for some usability tweaks here. Rather than trying to explain it I'm just going to copy the Task I placed on the Task List for Programming below:

We need to Make some changes to how the In Memory photo works:

1) It's unclear how to delete the Yearbook Photo that carries over when you mark a Classmate deceased. The only way to remove it would be to upload a different photo from the form field we've provided. What if they don't want the Yearbook photo on the In Memory entry or any other photo? We need to provide a delete function for the In Memory Master Photo.

2) When a Classmate is marked deceased and the Yearbook photo carries over into the layout, it comes through an a fixed upper right position that is not editable. Can we place the photo that carried over in the editor so it can be moved and manipulated by the Admin instead?

3) When the form field in the edit In Memory area is used to upload an image, place a camera icon next to the deceased Classmate's name like we do on Classmate Profiles page.

4) Change these instructions "If you only have a single photo for this person, it's recommended to simply upload it here. If you have more than one, feel free to upload them below by using the Image Button" to this instead: "Upload the first image for this Classmate here. Doing so will place a camera icon next to the name on your In Memory page. If you have more than one photo you would like to display on this In Memory entry you can upload them below by clicking the yellow Image Button."

5) If the In Memory Master photo is deleted from the FCK Editor we'll have to remove the camera icon next to the Classmate's name on the In Memory page. Thus when photos are uploaded through the form field I think we'll have to log the name and every time the page is saved scan for that file name in the code to ensure it still exists. If it's gone, then that's how we'll know to auto remove the camera icon.

Open to any better suggestions here for better usability.

Friday, September 17, 2010 at 10:59 AM - Response #7

1. I agree and had the same thoughts
2. I personally like the yearbook pix. If other more current pix is and put in "Memory Master, would like to see both side by side.....or have option to show either or both.....sortof a then and now. This may address the some of the stuff below - obviously if either is missing or both are missing - you simply display nothing.
3. no comment
4. no comment
5. no comment

Friday, September 17, 2010 at 2:23 PM - Response #8

If we do the above you'll be easily able to manipulate the In Memory photo within the layout as well as add any additional photos of your choosing via the editor.

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