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overcome with birthday messages

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Created on: 09/19/11 10:18 AM Views: 1102 Replies: 2
Monday, September 19, 2011 at 10:18 AM

For multi-year sites like ours, we regularly (at least a couple each week) get requests to stop the spam. What they've done, of course, is hit the Subscribe to all profiles button (inadvertantly) when dealing with profile subscriptions. We currently have several thousands of alumni with birthdays noted, so the possibility of getting a half dozen or more birthday messages per day is very real. Now as we're getting more alumni with less than stellar computing skills, I'm finding that giving them directions to find and click the Unsubscribe button is not very successful. I know some changes are coming with the next version, but this has been promised since last February or so. I would ask
1- for multi-year sites, disable that Subscribe button - totally not needed!
2- identify all those who have subscribe to all profiles (in our cases it comes up with a number well over 20,000) and unsubscribe them
3- give the administrator a way of unsubscribing for individuals who request this; currently I have to change their password, log in and unsubscribe, then tell them what their password is - kinda awkward and time consuming
Sorry for more complaints from my end, but I hope the multi-year version of your upcoming software has been well thought through.

I again offer some of my time to review issues that I've faced for our 100 year site to help improve the software. I'm collecting these suggestions over time and will forward them or post them sometime soon.

Monday, September 19, 2011 at 12:27 PM - Response #1

Does the email tell them how to unsubscribe in crystal clear terms? If not, that would be very easy for CC to add.

(My forum notices with "You may change your subscription preferences by updating your profile using the following link:" may not be clear to the same people you mention.)

Monday, September 19, 2011 at 2:16 PM - Response #2

Hi Joe,

We are implementing a notification control panel for site users. The backend is built and as we have the time available, as part of our general system upgrade, we will integrate this user-friendly utility into the ClassCreator system. All notification emails will include a link to the "Notify Me" control panel and we will also be putting out (again, as we have the time -- we are a small company) help videos to make it even easier for users to have exactly the experience they want to have with their class sites.

We try to give high priority to both the privacy of site users and the ease of site administration for the admins. In this case, we have sided with the privacy of users in protecting their choices of whose profiles to follow over giving site admins access to this feature to use on behalf of their users. We understand and respect your desire to assist those less tech-savvy users of your site, and we definitely appreciate the suggestions you have for improving our service for both admins and classmates.

Your use of the ClassCreator system represents a relatively extreme example of what the system can do, and sometimes you run into problems that we simply don't have the opportunity to find through the normal range of usage our services get. As such, your contributions and suggestions are useful feedback, even if we are sometimes constrained in our ability to implement them. The work that you have put into compiling these suggestions will have the greatest chance of bearing fruit if we are able to easily locate and refer back to them, and you can aid us to that end by posting the list in a single thread on the forums. We'll be better able to find and reply as we can to those suggestions, and you'll be more easily able to judge our responsiveness and call us out productively on those areas where we fall short.

Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your valuable feedback!

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