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Inactive Classmate on Google

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Created on: 10/01/09 10:31 AM Views: 1075 Replies: 1
Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 10:31 AM

I ran into a question yesterday regarding a classmate who is not active on our site.

When I did a Google search for "Battle Creek Central High School Homecoming" this came up:

Steve Blose, Battle Creek, MI Michigan currently in West Bend, WI - 10:12am
Classmate Profile for Steve Blose, Battle Creek Central High School Class Of 1968. ... Homecoming 2009 Info ... Start your own high school class web site.

When I uploaded our class list his address was a part of our file. He hasn't had the opportunity to decide if he wants his information private, so I don't understand why Google picked up his information from our site. I was not searching his name, or anything that would indicate to Google that I wanted his information. I understand that I might be seeing more, because I was logged onto the sight at the time; but my understanding was that no classmate would be able to see information about another, unless permission was granted. Is it possible that my Google search as administrator shows more than a non-administrator would?

If not, then to ensure privacy of our non-active classmates, it appears I should pull their addresses out of our database. I wish I understood Google better......Embarassed

Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 10:49 AM - Response #1


If you logout of your website, then click on Classmate Profiles, you will see all of your classmate links.

What Google does when it indexes your website is travel to each of these links and store the information.

If you click on the classmate in question while logged out, you will see in the title bar that the exact information you saw in Google is in the title bar of the classmate profile. What you are seeing in plain text in Google is really found in the TITLE of the browser for this classmate.

The reason for this is because when someone searches for a classmate, they usually search for them in their hometown or where they live now. Having both of these fields available for Google will help to narrow down the search for Google and result in a better match for the search.

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